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Best Water Tank Cleaning Services in virgonagar, Bangalore

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Overhead Tank
  • Emptying the entire tank using high-pressure jet
  • Remove all the accumulated layer of algae and bacteria
  • Scrubbing the water tank using brushes
  • Vacuuming of the gunk and algae
  • Removal of dirt, dust, plants, animal droppings, or mud
  • Make use of disinfectants for effective results
  • Leaving the water tank to dry
Less than 1000 litres - Single Service
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INR 1250 INR 750

1000 to 3000 litres - Single Service
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INR 1667 INR 1001

3000 litres to 5000 Ltrs- Single Service
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INR 2050 INR 1230

5000 Ltrs to 10000 Ltr- Single Service
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INR 2255 INR 1353

10000 Ltr - 20000 Ltr - Single Service
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INR 3500 INR 2100

More than 20000 Ltr (Free Inspection)
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*Upon Inspection

Others (Free Inspection)
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*Upon Inspection

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Book Water Tank Cleaning Services in Virgonagar,Bangalore

TechSquadTeam provides professional water tank cleaning services in Virgonagar,Bangalore for both residential and commercial customers. We understand the importance of clean and healthy consumable water. By hiring our water tank cleaning in Virgonagar,Bangalore, you enjoy clean & fresh drinkable water and complete peace of mind. Our service is available to domestic, residential, commercial, residential societies and hotels, industrial clients in Virgonagar,Bangalore as well. With us, you get clean, bacteria free water. Our team of experts makes sure the water is free from algae, sludge & dirt as well as not contaminated. This ensures safe and healthy water, which can be consumed and used for various purposes like drinking, cooking and much more.
We make sure in delivering the highest standard of provisions in our water tank cleaning services by using superior quality, safe and effective tools & techniques such as eco-friendly cleaning solutions, high-pressure jet, hard brush, vacuum cleaner and anti-bacterial spray. Our experienced cleaners are efficient in handling the sludge removal like dirt, dust, plant materials, animal droppings, mud and other substances that have settled in the bottom of a water tank over long time.

technicians doing water tank cleaning
water tank cleaning
TechSquadTeam do not outsource for any services. Our own skilled and well-trained cleaners do the water tank cleaning to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Book Our Water Tank Cleaning Service in Virgonagar,Bangalore?

man cleaning the water tank
  • Well-trained and verified water tank cleaners
  • Ensures safety, hygiene and effective water tank cleaning solutions
  • Industry-grade equipment like high-pressure water jet, anti-bacterial sprays and UV treatment
  • Environment-friendly antibacterial cleaning products
  • Value for money service provided
  • Thorough cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our Water Tank Cleaning Service in Virgonagar,Bangalore Includes/Excluded

  • Cleaning of the surrounding area
  • Empting the tank by water pumps
  • Removal of sludge and algae
  • Scrubbing the water tank to remove sand, mud, moss, viruses and bacteria
  • High pressure water jet cleaning of the entire tank
  • Vacuuming all the muck and slurry 
  • Spraying anti-bacterial in the tank
  • Treating the tank with UV
  • Leaving it for drying
  • If you are still getting contaminated water for drinking you need to examine your RO for repair
  • Our team should not be asked to fill water after the service is done
cleaning experts with equipements

TechSquadTeam Services

  • "Service Time" 2 To 6 Hours (Depending on the Size and number of water tank)
  • "No. of Staff Sent" 2 To 3 Cleaners (Depending on the Size and Requirement)
  • "Equipment Used" Gloves, High pressure plunger pumps, Vacuuming pumps, Tank Washing nozzles, Scrubbing Brush, Anti-Bacterial Sprays
Things to Remember:
  • Stool/ladder, electrical connection, and water should be provided by the customer.
  • No extra tips for our cleaners apart from the finalized pricing.
  • The actual size and number of tanks should be disclosed during the booking itself.

If you want professional water tank cleaning in Virgonagar,Bangalore, then trust us to get the highest quality service. To make the booking, please call us today at 080-4653-5800!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Why is it important to clean water tanks?
    Water is the most essential resource and there is no life without it. In urban areas and metro cities the only source of water are the roof top water tanks. This water is used for multi-purpose like drinking, cooking, bathing, gardening and everything else. When the water that we use is so important to us, then the container that distributes the water should also be dirt-free and germ-free for the health of you and your loved ones. So, water tanks should be cleaned at regularly for safe drinking water.
  • Is water tank cleaning mandatory?
    Of course it is mandatory. Even though you do not clean it every other day but at regular intervals the tank needs to be cleaned up. The water that comes to the water tank might contain a lot of impurities from the source like nearby river or water body. Once it reaches your roof top water tank, there might be other alien factors that can contaminate the water like insects, pests, dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses and many other things. Hence to maintain the health of your family you need to clean your water tank at regular intervals.
  • How do I get rid of the foul smell in my water tank?
    Foul smell in a water tank is the result of contaminated and dirty water. There might be a dead animal or insects in the water or the water has become the breeding ground for various disease-causing bacteria and viruses. You need to instantly clean out the water from the tank or call professional water cleaning services near you to do it for you in the best possible way without much hassle.
  • How often should water tanks be cleaned?
    Every year at least twice, you should call the water tank cleaning service to inspect the tank and let you know if your water tank needs a cleaning. In case, your water comes from reliable sources in to the tank, then you need to call your water tank expert every 2 to 3 years because like it or not sediments, minerals and algae starts accumulating by that time in the water infecting the water that you drink.
  • Why professional water tank cleaning services is required?
    Professionals are people who have specialized in doing a job and are better in doing it than others. When you are calling a professional water tank cleaning service, they are trained, experienced and certified people who know how to clean your water tank in a skillful way without neglecting any part of the cleaning process. Professional cleaning services also use specialized and advanced tools and equipment that help in cleaning better and without any errors. Hence it is always better to hire professionals than do the cleaning yourself.
  • Is it okay to trust the cleaners coming to clean my water tank?
    The professional cleaners that are sent to your home or office are trained by our in-house trainers and certified accordingly. We only send well-trained, experienced and certified cleaners to deal with our valued customers. Therefore, yes, our cleaners are trustworthy, reliable and extremely professional in providing you the service.
  • Do you provide an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?
    Yes, we do provide an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to both our corporate as well as domestic clients. You can call on 080-4653-5800 and get more information about this service, packages and prices from our customer care.
  • Which type of method do you use for cleaning?
    TechSquadTeam uses both manual and technical method to clean your water tank. Our well-trained and experienced water tank cleaners scrub and brush the water tank clean and get rid of algae, sediments and other contaminations and our high powered jets and vacuums are used for suctioning the rest of the filth and muck.
  • How much time does it take to clean the water tank?
    The time taken by our team to clean your entire water tank depends on the size and level of filth that is accumulated in the water tank. However, the average time that are experts take to clean an average water tank is 2 to 3 hours.
  • What size tanks do you usually clean?
    We provide our water tank cleaning service for all kinds of size and types of water tanks. The minimum size that we clean is 1000 liters that are usually used domestically. However, we also provide services to corporate offices and larger size tanks too.
  • Do you offer both sump and water tank cleaning?
    Yes, we offer both sump and water tank cleaning. Our experts and technical upgrades in our tools and equipment help us fulfill all your requirements.
  • How do I reschedule my booking with TechSquadTeam?
    TechSquadTeam provides very easy way to reschedule your existing booking with us. We provide you multiple options to do that. You simply call on 080-4653-5800 and talk to one of our customer care executives and reschedule your booking timings. Apart from that you can chat with our executive at our website page and ask them to do the job for you or you can mail your request to us at You can also request a call back on your available time from our website by filling just your name and mobile number.
  • Do I need to pay anything extra to the professional?
    No, you do not have to pay any extra dime to the professionals that we send for your water tank cleaning service. Once your tank is inspected the final quotation is presented and that’s going to be the total amount that you need to pay.
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