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Techniques to Clean Fabric Sofa like Professionals

Techniques to Clean Fabric Sofa like Professionals

By TechSquadTeam .     February 29, 2020

A sofa in your living room is the centre of attraction for any guest that comes to your home. If your living room has upholsteries, normal chairs, and a sofa, most people will first choose the sofa to sit on and relax. A sofa is more snuggly and relaxing than other furniture. But a sofa can go through a lot while at your home. Especially, when you have kids at home it is inevitable that they are going to play on the sofa and there are going to be spills and stains. There might be also accidental cases of spilling during a party or due to someone’s clumsiness. Many people go for professional sofa cleaning services in Bangalore or any service that is near to their place for better cleaning and well-maintenance of the sofas.

But what do the professionals do differently that we miss out on? The answer is simple. The first thing that they do is analyse what kind of sofa they are dealing with. Is it a leather sofa or a fabric sofa? The cleaning process for both the sofa is very different because both have a different texture, touch, consistency, and surface. It’s mostly the fabric sofas that undergo staining and spotting. The best sofa cleaning services in Marathahalli, Bangalore like TechSquadTeam provide specialized and customized cleaning of your sofas according to the specified requirement keeping in mind the material and condition of the sofa.

But most of the homes have fabric sofas at home. Leather sofas are mostly used by offices for their elegant look. But fabric sofas provide the contentment and rugged feel that feels homey and cozy. So here are some pointers that can help you clean your fabric sofa in a professional way just like the expert sofa cleaning services in Marathahalli, Bangalore does.

1.Cleaning as per the manufacturing recommendations

People mostly ignore to read the cleaning instructions when they buy a new sofa. The manufacturers specify the cleaning procedures for the best kind of cleaning that you can provide for your sofa. Instead, people simply call on sofa cleaning services near them and think that they will take care of everything. It is true that most professionals do a pretty good job of cleaning but it is always good to know what your furniture needs and by going through the recommendation you can also verify if the cleaning company is doing the job correctly or not.

2.Understanding the cleaning codes of the sofa

The sofas that you buy from manufacturers have different codes in the tag that you need to understand for the best results in cleaning. There are 3 basic codes that normally show in the tag which are ‘W’, ‘S/W’ & ‘S’. ‘W’ means water-based cleaning where water is the major component. ‘S/W’ means it’s a solvent and water-based cleaning requirement where you should use both solvent and water. And ‘S’ means only the cleaning solvent should be used and using water or anything else might ruin the sofa.

3.Vacuuming the sofa

One of the best ways to clean your sofa is vacuuming. Most professional sofa cleaning services in Marathahalli, Bangalore use vacuuming to clean out any kind of dust and dirt that has stuck itself to your sofa and is not removed while manual dusting. Also, manual dusting and cleaning a sofa without a vacuum can be a very challenging job due to the weight and length of the furniture. If you have sofas then try having a vacuum at home for a better cleaning result.

Start cleaning your fabric sofa at once and get yourself the hygienic and fresh sofa that you have been dying to have without spending a lot of cleaning. These basic tips hopefully acknowledge the cleaning problems that you face on regular days. If they do not then all you need to do is call on 080-4653-5800 or visit and get the best sofa cleaning experience in Bangalore at your doorstep with hassle-free service at the most affordable price.

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