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5 professional cleaning tips for your sofa

We have already stated that a clean sofa and upholstery don’t mean you won’t fall sick, you will feel healthier. Although a good sofa set gives an enchanting look to the living room and provides ultra-comfort to the users along with the sofa material. The family loves to have their snacks and enjoy their TV series with each other on the sofa couch. However, this simple moment can bring health hazards to the family as these food particles can be very dangerous. The sofa becomes the breeding ground of germs and bacteria which can affect your family’s well-being, especially kids and pets.

So, sofas require regular professional cleaning services to enhance their lifespan and keep their shine and fabric intact as they are newly bought. Furniture which is germs and dirt free can be a healthier place to sleep or enjoy your favorite music.

To maintain its comfort and vision, you can hire a professional sofa cleaning service in Bangalore.

Most sofa cleaning service provider in Bangalore follows the following professional cleaning methods.

Steam heat Extraction

The steam heat extraction method helps to remove dust and all other dirty particles from the sofa surface. This method uses high-temperature steam to remove excess moisture along with dust and dirt. Using steam heat extraction technology reduces the fabric shrinkage and can clean the entire Sofa within a few hours. This method is economical as compared to other cleaning methods and also gives the best possible results.

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Carbonation cleaning

Carbonation cleaning replicates natural cleaning. This method ensures that the sofa is in its previous newly bought condition. This cleaning takes almost 4 to 6 hours in professional sofa cleaners that use a small amount of carbonating solutions with a bubble effect. It consumes less water and approx one-tenth of the solutions of that steam cleaning requires. Millions of carbonating bubbles penetrate into the fibers to remove dirt and dust. Then experts wipe it off to bring its new appearance.

Chemical Cleaning

Professional sofa cleaning in Bangalore also prefers chemical cleaning on all types of fabrics including leathers. They use clinically tested, safe chemicals to avoid any allergy or discomfort while using the couch. A unique shampoo is used to remove dirt and embedded particles from the sofa effectively within a minimum time. If you opt for sofa cleaning using chemical solutions, then you can use it immediately after the cleaning work.

Foam Cleaning

In this cleaning method, professional sofa cleaners apply the required amount of foam solution onto the sofa stains and dirty area and then allow it to absorb for a short period. Afterward, you can vacuum clean it to get a clean and dirt-free couch. But remember, the less the usage of foam to clean the sofa, the lower the chances of damage to its fabric.

Dry Cleaning

Like foam cleaning, dry cleaning also doesn't use water. Expert sofa cleaning service uses a chemical cleaning powder which is sprinkled all over the sofa and sofa stains. After some time, they vacuum-clean clean the powder to get a clean and fresh new sofa.

A seeker can get many different cleaning methods to clean the sofa and upholstery. It all depends on your budget and urgency. TechSquadTeam sofa cleaning professionals are available at any time. If you want a thorough cleaning of your sofa, then choose your desired method and contact us or call us to get a professional at your doorstep to enhance its beauty and lifespan.

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