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How to Control Termites in an Easy Way?

By TechSquadTeam    Aug 12, 2020

Have you seen termites near your wardrobe or near the wooden fittings in your house or office? If yes, this is a threat that you need to get alert

What is the Importance of Pest Control Services in Bangalore?

By TechSquadTeam    Aug 04, 2020

The presence of pests is sufficient to destroy your home, office as well as your health. With time the on-going pandem

5 Ways to get rid of Bed Bugs from your Home Permanently

By TechSquadTeam    Jun 18, 2020

At some point in time, you will see that you will be faced with pest infestation problems and one of the most bothersome one among all others are b

Corona virus Pandemic and the Importance of Pest Control

By TechSquadTeam    Jun 09, 2020

Pest control has always been a vital part of remaining healthy and keeping your home and office free from disease-carrying pests. Pests usually are

How Termites form Colonies in your Property and What to Do About it?

By TechSquadTeam    May 01, 2020

Termites infiltrating into your home can become the most problematic thing for you. When termites start settling in a place they do not come alone.

How does Bed Bugs get Introduced Into your Home?

By TechSquadTeam    Apr 27, 2020

A bed bug infestation is not welcomed anywhere but then somehow you always end up getting infested one way or other. Bed bugs do not come inside yo