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Top Trending Colours of 2019 for your Interior Wall

By TechSquadTeam    Nov 18, 2019

Colours and lighting add the flavour to your eyes and set the mood according to your requirement. Colours on your wall can change your mood altoget

Clever Tips for Painting your Walls on a Budget

By TechSquadTeam    Aug 30, 2019

Painting your wall can be one of the easiest jobs if you have the perfect knack for it. Many people depend on wall painting services near them to h

Some Popular Wall Texture Designs For A Perfect Interior Wall

By TechSquadTeam    Jun 13, 2019

How will it look, if you add textured pattern to your interior walls? Confused? Here, you can find some estimated prosperous house walls painted by

What Are The Trendy Interior Paint Colors For 2019?

By TechSquadTeam    Apr 11, 2019

Because no wall should be left like a black canvas, we are all excited to share with you the trending interior paint colors for this year. As summe

Which Paint Color Is The Best For A Bedroom – Blue or Green?

By TechSquadTeam    Mar 15, 2019

Are you renovating your home? Then don’t select paint colors for your bedroom on a whim. Because in our entire life, we spend about 33 years

How to clean the interior walls of your house properly?

By TechSquadTeam    Feb 28, 2019

Keeping a house clean is as essential as to keep clean yourself every day. After a week or so, you can see oily marks and grimes build up on the wa