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Tips for Keeping your Sofa Clean and Sanitized under Quarantine

The world is counting the rise in the number of COVID – 19 patients and it has become a necessity to stop the spread. Throughout the globe, people are staying away from going out and getting infected by the virus. Many governments have issued orders for people to remain indoors as much as possible. But there are still many ways the virus might be lurking around the corner and you might get infected and one of those places might be your very own sofa.

It might not be possible for you to avoid each and everybody or stop shopping or going out. The first thing that you do after coming back from a trip to the outside is to come back home and relax on the sofa. But after a long vacation, it is possible to clean the sofa all alone just like a professional does? I think, NO! That might not be the best thing to do in these circumstances. The virus might have been attached to you or your clothes while you were outside, and it might come inside with you and spread into the sofa while you are using it. So, the best way to stop the spread further is to avoid coming in contact with any furniture and sanitize yourself after coming home.

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According to professional sofa sanitization services in Bangalore, the sanitization process should be done appropriately so that you can avoid any kind of infection and the decontamination should not be done hurriedly. Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind while cleaning furniture like a sofa for disinfection.

Keeping the sofa covered:-

It’s a good idea to cover the sofa so that dust or germs do not get into the fabrics. This is a good habit in these times of contamination and infection as well. You might get visitors from outside or maybe you would have gone out and after coming back might have got some relaxation on your sofa. But these minor mistakes can lead to your family getting infected. Also, the cover protects the sofa from being sanitized regularly and losing its charm.

Use disinfected cleaning tools:-

The tools and equipment that you are using while cleaning the sofa should also be disinfected. Many people use the same uncleaned and contaminated tools to clean making the cleaning futile. Once you have used the tools for cleaning it is always better to clean it at least once before using it again. The coronavirus sanitization should be done in a proper way to avoid further contamination.

Using Strong sanitizers and cleaning solutions:-

Professional sofa cleaning services in Bangalore are advising to use only strong sanitizer that has alcohol content to eliminate the virus. You should use only the quat chemicals and sanitizing wipes to take care of your sofa.

These tips should be able to help you with keeping your sofa from COVID-19 contamination but in case you do any cleaning and sanitizing services just give a call on 07795001555 or visit and book our services for a sanitized sofa cleaning service in Bangalore.

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