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How To Clean A Sofa Or Couch Naturally

How To Clean A Sofa Or Couch Naturally

By TechSquadTeam .     June 12, 2019

So, its summer vacation time! Your house must be full of guests and relatives. And, of course, your couch must be enjoying their company. Yes, between kids, pests, adults, and lots of snacks, it’s a wonder that the furniture is even still good. But wait, is it actually in good condition? We mean to say, is it actually clean and germ-free? Although you regularly dust the sofa to keep it clean, everyday usage leaves it exposed to full of dirt, spilled drinks, food crumbs, pet fur, urine, dead skin cells from our body and those mysterious stains.

If you want to give a try on cleaning, then what’s the need of hiring professional sofa cleaning service? However, these expert sofa cleaning in Bangalore are well trained, and background verified team of professionals who carry out the sofa or couch cleaning activities in a smooth and effective way. All you need to do is sanitize your couch using some vinegar, mild soap and a confident attitude to bring back your fresh and new furniture.

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Vacuum up the food crumbs and dust particles

It is really essential to remove all the dirt and dust particles from sofa fabric before you start deep clean the couch. Pull off those cushions, clean up teddy toys, other things scattered around the sofa and never forget to clean the surface underneath. Then vacuum clean thoroughly to remove all the food crumbs that tend to accumulate beneath the cushions. You can also give a simple sweep using a vacuum cleaner if you notice pet hair or other things on it.

Use your homemade cleaning solution – All you need is gentle laundry detergent and water. Simply bring a bucket of water, and mix two to three spoons of detergent solution. And, there you go! Use this solution to clean the sofa fabric, using a clean cloth or sponge.

Work in Sections – The cushions and armrests are the places which are the dirtiest places in your upholstery. Start on those areas by using your sponge to clean small sections. If you are able to do the entire cleaning work at a time, then it’s your choice. However, it would be better for you if you divide the work into sections. Smaller ones should be given a first chance, then bigger parts. During the cleaning process, make sure the cloth or sponge has as little mixture solutions as possible.

Air Dry the sofa – Do not keep the cushions on to the couch until it is thoroughly dried. Because this can lead to the growth of mold and watermarks. Keep your couch disassembled and let it air dry.

Sanitize with Vinegar Spray – Vinegar has all natural, disinfectant, and anti-allergenic properties that will clean your sofa.  Just fill up a bottle with half amount of vinegar and half amount of water.  Spray it down the sofa and cushions, but remember to stay back a foot away from it.

As you have already done a big amount of investment on buying this couch, you should take proper care of it so that it will last longer. Calling a professional sofa cleaning services in Bangalore is way better than doing it your own. Though people are applying some DIY techniques to clean the couch, it is viable to consider sofa cleaning service for a professional touch.

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