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Few Common Facts and Fictions about Termite Control

Few Common Facts and Fictions about Termite Control

By TechSquadTeam .     January 21, 2020

Termites are the worst kind of pests that can infest your property because they are known as the silent destroyers. This name is given to them because of the way they secretively operate once they have infiltrated inside a property. The most difficult part of a termite infestation is identifying the infested wooden structure or furniture. Termites generally get inside the house or building through mud tunnels that they build to protect themselves from predators and light while they are traveling from their colonies to the new target of nutrition.

Many times it has been seen that even though you get rid of the termites from one location, they seem to be regenerating from another location and by the time you discover that many things would already have been damaged. So, it is always better to appoint professional termite pest control services in Whitefield, Bangalore, so that they can work diligently and meticulously to eliminate each and every termite from your property so that you can relax.

These are the base facts that everyone knows about the termites but then there are many common misconceptions that people develop regarding the termite control. Let’s look into a few of the fictions that people think are true about termites and what are the exact facts behind those fictions.

Misconception – In a building or property, if the lower grounds are treated with termite control then the upper floors or levels are free from any kind of infestation.

Fact – This is not true. When you start building, initially termite control is done to prevent the attacks. But once you start inhabiting the buildings you need to hire professional termite extermination services in Whitefield, Bangalore separately to do the pest control individually for your flat or apartment.

Misconception – Termites are destroyers and should be eliminated from this planet.

Fact – Termites might be a problem for human beings because they feed on cellulose which is mostly found in deadwood that humans being used for making furniture and other structures but termites are vital for the ecosystem as well. They help in decomposing dead and rotten wood and fertilizing the earth. They also recycle dead trees into the soil where more trees can grow.

Misconception – Cutting down trees from the property helps to remove the termites for good.

Fact – The most common mistake that people do when it comes to intensive termite infestation is that they cut down trees around their property and do not consider the environment at all. Also, this misconception is not at all true. Termites come from the ground. They make their own nests in the mud called molds and try to expand their colonies by attacking your wooden. The trees have no role in the whole process. What you can do is if there is a huge infestation then simply call the professional termite pest control in Whitefield Bangalore or anywhere near you to take care of the problem for you.

With these misconceptions out of the window, it is the responsibility of professional termite control services like TechSquadTeam exterminators to properly educate the customers about these mistakes. Knowledge is power and the more you know about the problem the more you get to the solution faster.

So give a call on 080-4653-5800 or visit to book an appointment with one of the best termite pest control in Whitefield Bangalore and available knowledgeable, experienced termite exterminators at your doorstep providing you with the top quality service at most affordable prices in the market.       

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