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Five Professional Tips To Prevent Termite Infestation In Your Home

Have you ever experienced piles of wood dust underneath your furniture in your home? It can be a sign of termite infestation. Learning how to catch their infested area is not so simple task. But at the same time, you can take of the things to avoid that attract the termites in your home. Once they invade your house, they nibble every single wooden thing starting from your house’s foundation to very antique, expensive furniture. Termite infestation can cost you pricey damage and avoiding them can be the biggest mistake of your life.

One of the main reasons for increasing termite infestation is they cannot be detected so easily. Until they have done some significant damage and have built large colonies inside the wooden structure and furniture of your home, you won’t be able to find a single sign of termite infestation. Thousands of termites stay together in colonies which becomes difficult for us to get rid of them. Unfortunately, if you find the existence of termites in your home, then seek professional help immediately and take a few termite prevention measures.

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Some tips to prevent termites from spreading

Get rid of excess moisture –

Moisture is one of the reasons which attracts termites into your home. To keep termites at bay, you need to remove excess moisture from your living space. If your house is in a high level of a muggy atmosphere, then buying a dehumidifier can be the best way to get rid of moisture. During summer, the air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier. It helps to maintain a cold temperature in the house and remove excess moisture.

Repair Leakage –

Fix any leaks or blockage in your bathroom sinks or toilet bowls immediately. Decayed roofs and drizzly walls are the best hosts to attract termites. So, fixing them quickly can carry out termite inspection by professional termite pest control companies and can save your property from future damages. Don’t overlook all such leaky walls, faucets, and dripping roofs as it becomes easier for termites to attach these spots for their infestation.

De-clutter your house –

Exclude those unwanted things from your home. De-cluttering the house works wonders for the experts who come to your home for termite detection and adequate termite control treatment. Useless papers especially newspapers, old magazines, and cardboard, are an excellent environment for termites to prosper. And most importantly, do not replace the things from a termites-infested room in other rooms which are affected by termites.

Maintain a distance between soil and wood –

If you have out soil and wood in one place in the garden, then it will surely attract termites. According to experts, you should maintain at least an eighteen-inch distance between soil and wooden things so that termites can’t attack the foundation of your house and the furniture. Cement and stones help you to keep soil spate from the wooded area, especially in your garden and patios.

Place infected items in the sun –

If you find termites infested in some of your wooden furniture, then place them directly under sunlight for at least three consecutive days. This natural strategy works well in summer since termites dislike warmth. So, the heat will surely kill the termites and remove moisture from the furniture. Dust off the furniture and sprinkle termite chemical spray before bringing them back into the house.

If termites have already invaded your house, then immediately call a professional pest control service to carry out a thorough inspection and get your home a termite control treatment. After your home is treated by termite control services in Bangalore, maintain your living space by cleaning it regularly with natural or herbal oils such as neem oil to keep termites away. Moreover, you can hire pest control services in Bangalore from TechSquadTeam and carry out treatment as per your requirement and expectation.

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