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Interesting Facts about Termites that You Don’t Know (Part 1)

We all hate pests because of the obvious fact that they harm us in some way or another. When it comes to termites they simply top the list because termites not only destroy your property consisting of anything of wood but also burn a hole in your wallet. So early preventive methods should be applied before they damage your entire belongings. The cost of replacing or repairing these destructions becomes a headache for us. Sometimes the damage is too extensive to even repair or replace. So, whenever someone says that you might have a termite infestation, it’s the last thing that you want to hear.

In such a case, you have few options consisting of calling professional termite control services near you or handling the situation on your own. But in metropolitans like Bangalore, with such a hectic lifestyle, it’s recommended never to take chance when it comes to pests because even a single pest left behind could recreate the population back again and also experts know the best ways to get rid of these creatures. So, it’s always wise to consult professional service providers of termite removal services in Bangalore as soon as you see even a single termite or signs of a termite infestation.

Now, knowing the termites is the best way to defend your property against them.

Let’s discuss a few particulars that can help know them better to protect yourself against them.

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Termites consume cellulose in the wood –

Termites munch on cellulose which is the primary content of any plant and even when we cut the plant and use the wood for building structures, the cellulose remains in the wood. So, termites are not only attracted to the wood, they are attracted to anything made out of cellulose. Cellulose can be obtained from various things in your house including wallpapers, paper, clothing, cardboard boxes, etc. Thus, if there is a termite invasion, it might spread to other areas and they can damage your important files or clothes as well.

Termites can live more than your pets –

Termites live in colonies and they work for their queen. Did you know that when a queen in a termite colony dies the colony dies with her eventually? Yes, it’s a fact. But when does the queen die? The queen can live up to 20 years. An average pet dog lives up to 13 or 14 years only. Therefore, in case you have a termite infestation don’t be too sure that they won’t be coming back after doing a one-time termite control by professionals.

Termites are sleepless and hardworking –

Termites never sleep during their whole life. Don’t be surprised, it’s true. They can work tirelessly for 24hours for all 7 days of the week 365 days of the year. Just a single colony can produce billions of termites because on a single day a queen can produce 30,000 eggs. Hence, it’s always suggested to hire service providers who are experts in termite control in services Bangalore at the slightest sign of infestation.

Termite swarmers do not fly for long –

Swarmers in the termite colonies are responsible for reproduction and extending the colony to new zones. Swarmers cannot fly for more than 30 minutes. They get out of their nests and in 30 minutes, shed their wings, start to mate, and establish new colonies. The worrying part is if you see a swarmer inside your house flying or crawling means that it came out of a nearby colony that is already damaging your property or about to. Call professional help like TechSquadTeam on 07795001555 as soon as you see a swarmer.

Termites operate in darkness –

The worker termites work throughout their lives in darkness because they do not have usable eyes. Their simple eyes are sensitive to light and this works in their favor as they can stay hidden inside their colony or the wood and the slightest trace of light can alert them. Even while traveling from underground to other places they build mud tunnels that help them stay hidden. It’s also hard to find these tunnels unless you’re an experienced termite exterminator because they mostly build them in crawl spaces where there is already a lack of light.

There are still so many other interesting facts about these silent destroyers.  But before that, you need to realize are alone responsible for your damage or something else. If you like this blog, check out the next part of this post for more information.         

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