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Tips to eliminate the termites from your house?

The synchronization of insects into some of their preventive measures has given birth to some unbelievable termite control professional that has turned into a game-changer. Especially in termite treatment: a decade back, people were unable to trace the early symptoms of the spreading of termites. Now, with help of various prevention tips and technology, both the tracing and the treatment are possible at an early stage. 

However, due to its large form of colonies, it is somehow difficult to detect them easily. Unless a huge form of damage is caused by their squad. So without taking the help of professionals of termite control services in Hyderabad, it is really tough to get rid of them. But if you identify the termites in your home, then do not waste a single time and start taking some preventive measures to stop them. 

The list of preventive measures to get rid of termites from spreading is as follows:

Arrange Your Home: 

It is always an essential part to carry a clean-up drive in your home, whether you have hired a professional for termite treatment. Never neglect to pay sincere attention to magazines, newspapers, unwanted papers, and cardboard as they really create a mess by affecting the environment and giving the reason for pests to thrive. Avoid shifting the pieces of stuff from the affected room to another room that is not being affected by the termites. 

Fixing the Leakage areas:  

Immediate actions must be taken to any decay or leaks in your home. Because they proved to be the best host for termites. So, especially in corner areas or the basement of your home, fix and seal the leakages on an immediate basis along with frequent inspections. Being the first attractive place for the pest, these should be overlooked. Just remember that, as the basement is closer to the ground, so the leakage in it arises a high chance of termites attack.

Get Away from the Moisture: 

Do you know which is an important factor that attracts the termites in your home the most? Well, it’s moisture. To keep the termites away, you need to get rid of excessive moisture in your home. But at the same time, if you are residing in a damp and moist area, you need to carry a dehumidifier to get help. And considering dry sunny weather, an air conditioner is a great help to maintain a cool environment by removing the excess moisture from outside.  

Before Priming or Painting, Use Borate on Wood: 

Have you ever heard about a termite repellent? If not, then you do not need to worry about it. Borate is one of such great repellents. Before priming or painting, spray borate on the wood. From any attack, it easily soaks into the wood and prevents the termites quite well. And once the borate spray is dried up, you can easily paint your wooden utilities such as windows, doors, frames, furniture, and many more. However, for decades to repel the termites, borate spray is undoubtedly strong enough.   

Manage a Distance between Soil and Wood: 

The Garden area is a place that always needs to be taken care of. And it’s your sole responsibility to manage the distance between the soil and the wood. As per an expert’s advice, a minimu18-inch inch distance should be maintained in between. However, it will flash a green flag in terms of safety and prevent termite attacks on the home and furniture foundation. To create a hard-core physical barrier for termites, use cement or stones for the early separation of soil from the wood.

Let your infected items be sun-kissed:  

Place the infected items in direct sunlight for a minimum of three days to save them from excessive damage from termites. Since the termites cannot resist the heat, the sunlight will automatically kill them once the furniture is exposed to it. Along with that, you can remove the moisture from the furniture just to prevent the high chances of re-infestation. However, before you bring it back into the house, thoroughly dust off the furniture and use a spray. The same process you must apply to the other furniture as well to keep them termite-free.

However, if you are fed up with those irritating termites, then hiring professional pest control services in Hyderabad is the utmost solution. TechsquadTeam’s decades of experience and quality service have made us one of the most reliable pest control firms in Hyderabad. Majorly we deal with various termite control services, pest control services, and cleaning services as well. Right now, by looking at the current scenario, we are serving safely. So that our customers don’t have to worry about filling those termites prevention gaps they have in their homes.     

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