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5 things that attract termites to your home

5 things that attract termites to your home

By TechSquadTeam .     January 07, 2019

Termites are widespread insects and well known for their ability to build colonies every single second. Termites are furtive and devious by nature. They are not quickly identifiable. And, this makes their existence more harmful and dangerous. As a homeowner, one shouldn’t try DIY techniques to get rid of these deadly insects. It might worsen the situation as termites’ invasion can destroy your property in a quick and quiet manner.

If you still prefer to try DIY techniques, then you may initially feel they are gone. But after a week or so, you may find a lot of them. So, before they destroy your valuable property, hire a professional termite’s control service in Bangalore which not only provides reliable other pest control services but also saves time and money as well. TechSquadTeam professionals are highly knowledgeable who inspect the entire property followed with various termite extermination treatments.

Termite infestations can be your worst nightmare if proper control is not taken. Structural damage to the property can be more expensive than the amount will be spent on professional termite control treatment in Bangalore. To avoid such damages, homeowners should take precautionary measures and collect information about the things which attract termites.

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So, here are the list of things which work as magnets to termites.

Improper Drainage

Uncleansed gutters and improper drainage systems are necessary to prevent termites. They are mostly attracted to clogged drains and moisture which normally create a small pool of contaminated water and make human’s health protection more vulnerable. Leaving these clogged gutters unattended for a longer time may create health hazard and damage to your home. Professional termite exterminators in Bangalore work hard to eliminate these insects from the depth.

Tree Stumps

Excess dead wood is another reason for termite infestation. Tree stumps are the dead wood or excess wood which is left unattended. It can rot if not removed within a specified time. So, timely maintenance is very much necessary as the rotten wood becomes the great source of food to these irritating creatures.

Stack of firewood

You can easily get woodpiles in front of every house in Bangalore because of its cold weather. However, these stack of wood can attract termites towards your lovely home and make your house property spoiled. So, it is highly recommended to keep these wood at least 20 feet away from homes. You can also use a metal stand or a concrete structure to keep the wood uplifted from the ground.


As you know, moisture attracts termites. So, having mulch in the garden and lawn area can be dangerous to structural assets of your home. Mulch adds nutrition to the soil which helps in the growth of the plants and trees. However, if you still don’t want a loss in term of plant’s growth, you can do mulching of the garden at a distant place from the foundation of your house. Thus, if you want to save your house from termites, then hire a professional termite control service provider in Bangalore immediately.

Tree limbs and leaves

Tree limbs and leaves which touch the house’s roof and home exterior, it becomes a pathway for the termites to create a new colony. So, regular tree trimming can disincline the growth of termites.

Termites are destructive pests only DIY methods cannot help to eradicate. If you want to do the eradication task by professionals, then make sure you contact a licensed termite exterminator Such as TechSquadTeam to conduct the thorough inspection and execution task.

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