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  • Detan Bleach
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Service Category
INR 309
INR 349
INR 1299
INR 349
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*Upon Inspection
  • Inspection/ visitation charge is Rs.100/-. It will be adjusted against the final bill.
  • GST (Central 9% + State 9%) will be applicable as per Govt Rules.
  • Service is provided by our own experts. We don't outsource any service.

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Doorstep Detan Beauty Services in Bangalore

Techsquadteam provides the best detan bleach services for removing sun tans and dark spots on your skin performed by experienced professionals in Bangalore. Our service is only available at the doorstep for ladies.

 Our service includes:

1. Detan skin using aloe vera and other organic product.

2. Oxygenated bleach for fairer skin

3. Detan the darker skins

4. No harmful side effect to the skin

5. Minimal chance of skin irritation

Our assurance:

1. Affordable for all and no extra service charges 

2. In time home service according to your suitable time and place

3. Specialist with proficient costumer gratification

4. Get rid of your suntan with no time

5. Bright and white skin tone

6. Polite, trustworthy and experienced personals


** The minimum service charge is Rs 2000 for any type of spa, facial and detan services.


For Unrivalled quality detan service in affordable price contact us at 734-970-3889 according to your requirement. The service charge will be applicable as per GST.

Customer Reviews

Ranjita Panda On06-Dec-2017
(Spa and Salon/Detan Service)
Its good, having parlour in my room. Grt job.
Subhashree dwibedi On05-Dec-2017
(Spa and Salon/Detan Service)
Impressive service......
Madhusmita Chand On22-Jun-2017
(Spa and Salon/Detan Service)
It's very good service
Swagatika Patra On21-Jun-2017
(Spa and Salon/Detan Service)
It's very good service
× Its good, having parlour in my room. Grt job.
× Impressive service......
× It's very good service
× It's very good service