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Pests that come during Autumn Season

Pests that come during Autumn Season

By TechSquadTeam .     August 29, 2019

Some geographical areas experience severe winters or summers but the spring and autumn seasons are the transitional phases of a year to prepare for a drastic climate change. Autumn is the season when everything on our planet that is alive starts getting ready for winter. The word ‘autumn’ means the passing of the year. The autumn season is associated with harvesting of crops, festivities, falling of leaves, and tourism and enjoyment. It’s also the time for pests to enter your houses in search of food, warmth, and shelter and prepare for the upcoming winter by staying inside your house. This can pose a difficult situation at your hands to drive these pests out once they have nested inside your house. This alone is a very convincing reason to hire professional pest control services near you even before the arrival of these unwanted guests.

So, the big question is how to fight these irksome creatures? The knowledge of different kinds of pests and their expert control and supervision is the best answer to your question. When you know what you are fighting, then it becomes easier to destroy. Let’s check a few of the most common pests that invade your house during the fall season.



The most common pest during the autumn is the cockroach. The monsoon season provides them enough dampness to breed and they start to invade our houses by the starting of autumn. Cockroaches like dampness and cannot survive in cold weather, so they migrate inside houses or any place where they can find food, shelter and most of all warmth. Their favorite place to hide is behind the drains and pipes. They contaminate food, spread diseases and can increase the rate of asthma by transporting allergens inside the house. Calling expert pest control services in Bangalore is the best thing you can do once you see even one of them.



Rodents are inevitable in the autumn season. They are sure to assault the territory of your household in search of food, shelter, warmth, and water. Did you know that the term ‘Rodent’ comes from the Latin word ‘Rodere’ which means to gnaw? And that’s what they do best. They can chew through wood, concrete, electrical wirings, plywood, etc. You name it and they can chew it. They are also responsible for spreading diseases like bubonic plague and relapsing fever. 



Spiders can be seen building their webs all year-round. Have you ever seen a web already formed on the next day of cleaning up your ceilings? But during autumn their activity increases as this is their breeding time and male spiders start searching for mates. This search can result in an increase in the numbers of spiders inside your house. Another important reason that spiders get attracted inside the houses is insects. Insects start to get drawn towards homes in search of food and warmth in the autumn and this is an opportunity for the spiders for a feast. 



Fleas can get inside your house due to the increasing number of rodents. Fleas can cause plagues, endemic typhus and are the transporters of many harmful bacteria. Apart from rodents, fleas can get inside through your pets and other furry animals as well.  



Sting bugs become a very common menace during the fall. They are not harmful to us but can emit an extremely foul smell when they feel threatened. With the dampness still prevailing in your house from the monsoon, a stink can add to your disgust and repulse to be inside the house. 

The invasion of these pests can cause various diseases and uncomfortable situations in the day to day life. It’s always recommended to let some expert pest control services in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam take care of the infestation for you. Just give a call on 080-4653-5800 or visit our website for the best quality service and total customer satisfaction at attractive rates. 

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