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How pests can affect your health?

How pests can affect your health?

By TechSquadTeam .     July 31, 2019

Pests are both unsightly and cause severe damage to both property and health. It is very important for you to understand the health hazards budding from such kinds of infestations. Most of the common pests are the gateways to dangerous diseases that are spread easily otherwise they personally affect you both mentally and physically. It is really disturbing to even think about sharing our homes with these irksome insects due to the serious threat that they pose.

Let’s discuss some of the health risks connected to these few particular pests.

  1. Cockroaches – These pests usually carry allergens which upsurge the severity of asthma symptoms. These allergens are mostly announced into the homes through roach’s saliva, excreta of the insect and the decomposing bodies of these pests. Adults have better immunity than children. So children who are prescribed with asthma symptoms are at much risk than adults here. Bacteria like E Coli and salmonella are also carried by these pests on their bodies which can contaminate food, cooking equipment, and food surfaces.
  2. Rodents – Rodents carry bacteria like salmonella, on their bodies and contaminate food, utensils, kitchen surfaces and equipment. Rodent droppings should be inspected at regular intervals in unmoved places like baseboards, pantries, and walls. These dropping can be the main cause of allergic reactions in humans and is the cause of dangerous diseases like Hantavirus. 
  3. Mosquitoes – These are not only annoying due to the buzzing but also the main carriers of viruses and bacteria which are also major health threats. Spread of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria is always coming up in news in various areas across India. It is very important to remove stagnant water near your home or office and avoid the breeding of mosquitoes. Mosquito bites can also cause itchiness, unsightly marks, and severe allergic reactions.
  4. Bed Bugs – Even mosquitoes can have a different diet other than sucking human blood but bed bugs only feed on human blood. Bed bugs can cause severe skin rashes, allergic symptoms and psychological effects. Itchiness is generally seen after every bite and apart from that some people might get tired or get a fever. Rare complications may also include areas of dead skin or vasculitis.
  5. Ants – These are insects with social behavior which suggests that if you found a single ant, then it is mandated that there is going to be more of them around. Ants not only sting but also contaminate food. Once inside they can just keep coming back for more food and even can be found inside containers in large numbers. It’s a huge inconvenience for us as well as the contamination might be a major issue for the health of your family and you. 

Now, considering these health hazards, it’s always better to hire professional pest control service for home in Whitefield, Bangalore like TechSquadTeam at the sight of even a single one of these pests. Professional help can ensure a thorough inspection and eradication of any of the above types of pests entirely from your home and safeguarding your and your family’s health. For any expert help call us on 080-46535800 or visit our website at

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