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How to keep mosquitoes away from your swimming pool

How to keep mosquitoes away from your swimming pool

By TechSquadTeam .     March 29, 2019

Mosquitoes are worse irritating little bugs who turn you into an extremely wild human when you want to just wave them away from your body. Their bites not only give you swelling and redness in your skin but also transmit life-threatening diseases such as West Nile and Zika Virus. And, once they invade into your house, pool area and patio, they can turn your backyard into an uncomfortable place for you, and your family members.

Warm weather attracts more mosquitoes and allows them to lay more eggs, and even the eggs hatch quicker than in any other seasons. Unfortunately, it is summer!

Because mosquitoes love standing water, humidity, and failing humans, your pool area becomes the perfect place for them. So, you need to protect your family member’s health from mosquitoes by taking a stand. Let’s look at some of the points to use in the war against these irritating insects.

  1. Set up mosquito traps- Portable mosquito traps are available in the market which is designed to trap nasty insects like mosquitoes. And, the most significant benefits out of it is, there is no need to spray any harmful chemicals or pesticides throughout your backyard and swimming pool.
  2. Dump standing water – Inspect your yard and swimming pool by hiring professional mosquito control services in Bangalore. Rainfall is the main reason for standing water. So, take proper actions to remove those contaminated water from your backyard. Mosquitoes find a good source of survival and grow from eggs to biters in about two weeks. But eggs in stagnant water can survive for months.
  3. Use a pool cover- When you don’t use your swimming pool, keep it covered. Because still and unused water can be inviting to mosquitoes and become a great place to produce eggs. Thus, having the pool covered when it is not in use can help to keep it bug-free. Of course, it would be very unpleasant to pull the safety cover every time whenever you want to get out of the pool. So, the best bet would be to use a solar pool cover.
  4. Keep your backyard and pool area clean – Mosquitoes find wet leaves, rotting logs, and wet grass to be their favorite areas for breeding. So dispose of those leaves. Pine needle cut out tall, moist grass or palm fronds as they can become home to mosquitoes.
  5. Fill tree holes – Do you have a large banyan tree, having lots of branches, holes, and knots in it? Trees with holes provide shelter to different kinds of animals and insects. But, if your tree hole holds water in it, then it can be a good source for mosquitoes to breed.
  6. Repair Septic Tank Tracks – If your septic tanks have any cracks or holes, then seal them immediately. Uncovered ventilation pipes, cracks in the walls and gaps of the tank in the septic tank cover can become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Cover the ventilation pipes with screen mesh to prevent insects and mosquitoes from flying through.
  7. Even if you execute all the tactics outlined here, some pools have unique conditions that cultivate mosquitoes anyhow. That’s when you need a pro. Mosquito control companies in Whitefield, Bangalore can help in eliminating them. They will surely offer some additional solutions. The mosquito control in Bangalore apply insecticides and strong chemicals in hard-to-reach places like tall trees.

These expert mosquito control service provider may spot some particular issues in your pool area and backyard and provide more intense, aggressive methods to get rid of the insects and help restrain their return.

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