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7 easy ways to stop mosquito breeding in your yard

Summer is on top of your head and mosquitoes too! As we all want to stay a little bit cool by wearing smooth, short dresses, mosquitoes are taking advantage of us. And during summer, the mosquitoes are also tuning up for their busiest season as they can suck warm blood easily which has proved to be very dangerous and life-taking. Once you catch mosquitoes in and around your properties, you may have to deal with that high-pitched whine sound every day, mostly during the night.

And, that high-pitched whine buzzing sound comes from female mosquitoes since they want to iron and protein for their reproduction. Male mosquitoes generally avoid human contact. Female mosquitoes attack not only humans but their target list is extended up to other mammals, birds, reptiles, and frogs because they are dead serious about their reproduction.

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How do prevent mosquitoes from breeding?

As only female mosquitoes tend to suck human and other animals' blood, you need to create a defense against these mother bloodsuckers. And that defense will be making our homes and backyards as uninviting as possible. Mosquitoes not only cause itchy bites on your skin but they are the carrier of deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria, Zika virus, chikungunya, and others. Pets are also susceptible to mosquitoes because these blood-sucking insects carry heartworm diseases and transmit to pet dogs and cats.

How to reduce mosquito breeding in your home?

There are so many ways you can avoid mosquito breeding. If you find your house has become a residence for them, then call professional mosquito control in Bangalore who can help you in eliminating them. But before that, you need to take some precautions. Below mentioned are some of the activities you need to do so that the mosquitoes won’t find rooms to enter your house.

Don’t let the water go stagnant –

Mosquitoes love to stay in damp, wet places. They require stagnant, still water for reproduction and for the baby mosquitoes to successfully hatch and mature. As summer is their favorite month, be aware of the gutters, and pools as they contain dirty and standing water. Make sure to clean all the drains, empty kiddie pools, and water buckets after use, and fill in the birdbaths with fresh water regularly.

Throw out litter –

Do a regular check-up on litter.  Throw away used bottles, broken cups, cans, and other waste. Do not let these things stand for a sustained period in your house or backyard as they can carry water from rainfalls or garden sprinklers which leads to the birth of wigglers and mosquito larvae. So, almost any useless things which can hold water, even a small amount can turn into a spot of mosquito infestation.

Pay attention to your water features –

If you have a small decorative pool in front of your house or you live nearby to a pond, drainage lines, or other areas which are likely to hold standing water, then sprinkle environmentally friendly botanical products around your home like Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt. It acts as a larvicide and kills mosquitoes before they become an adult. Or you can use Gambusia on stock ponds which are well known as mosquitofish.

Throw out old, unused tires –

Old, useless tires are of no use until and unless you apply any DIY methods to recycle them. If you still want to add it to your property, then drill holes in the bottom of the tire swings so that stored water can be drained out easily.

Get rid of junk –

Remove all the clutter and trash from your backyard to beautify its view. Cart away old barbeque grills, shelves, car parts, and other kinds of stuff that you meant to clear out from your property. If once water gets collected, then it would be hard to eliminate mosquitoes.

Bangalore is a state covered with trees, plants, bushes, hills, and tall grass. So, keeping your backyard and your surroundings tidy can help you to keep mosquitoes out. If things are out of control, then consider putting some mosquito repellent herbs, and flowers such as peppermint, lavender, marigolds, citronella grass, lemon eucalyptus, etc.

All these simple precautions can help in eliminating mosquitoes in summer. But if you want to complete the eradication of these blood-sucking pests, then hire professional mosquito control services in Bangalore at any time.

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