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How Do Pests Reduce The Value Of Your Property

Your house is your identity, pride, and joy, and most essential, it is the biggest investment that you will make. Don’t let pests destroy your hard-earned money. Rodents can chew wires, termites can gnaw wooden structures, raccoons can build dens inside your house, and cockroaches can simply spread allergies and other harmful diseases in your home. All these pests can reduce your property value by 75%, especially if it may happen due to termite infestation. However, pest control treatment is essential to maintain your property like never before.

It is essential to know to detect those places that are more vulnerable to pests and work as welcome hints to them. Pests like cockroaches, rodents, mice, ants, and termites get attracted to your house because it provides shelter and food. Your first objective while building a house or renovating the old one is to make your home as inhospitable as possible to pests and secure it well so they won’t get entry into your house. The following tips will keep your home pest-free and your property safe.

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Inspect the foundation:-

Cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation work as attractors and pests get easy access to your comfy home, especially in winter. Although it is a time-consuming task, an inspection of the foundation is one of the essential things which should not be ignored. Inspect windows and doors because these create weak points in walls. Look for any gaps between walls and frames. Walk through the house and check for any places which are sagging, bouncing or bowing, or having cracks.

Corner cracks and seam cracks are a matter of concern as pests can make their easy path for entry into your house. Look at the walls in the basements also. Walls that are constructed with concrete blocks can create horizontal or zigzag pattern cracks. Basement walls that are made of poured concrete will show vertical cracks. Plus, if you have a chimney and it is on its foundation, then make sure you check it regularly. Because it has a higher risk of separating from its foundation and welcomes neighborhood pests to your house.

Once you are done with the inspection, you can decide which part of the tasks you will handle on your own and which part you will leave to professionals. Expert residential pest control in Bangalore provides easy and smooth inspection and execution of a professional approach at your preferred time.

Check the chimney:-

A chimney becomes the red carpet for pests.  Birds, squirrels, raccoons, rats, and cockroaches are all drawn to these potential entryways and nesting places. To prevent your house from all such situations, you need to close the flue when the chimney is not in use. For better control, hire a residential pest control service in Bangalore or a qualified chimney installation service to install a cap for better security of the chimney.

Take the necessary precautions to keep pests away from your house. A major infestation, torn insulation, chewed wires, and destruction of the property by rodents and termites can lower your property value. Professional residential pest control in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam can help you in identifying vulnerable spots in your property and assist you in a better way to keep out unwanted guests. For the professional pest control treatment, call TechSquadTeam now! Contact us at 07795001555.

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