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Pest Control Services Pest Control Services

Different kinds of pests and their expert control and supervision

After a tired and hectic office schedule, when you return home, you want to sit in peace for some time & to enjoy your loved one’s company but what if, your house is full of uninvited guests? How would you feel if those guests will become troublesome to your happiness? Yes, here we are talking about pests such as cockroaches, ants, rats, termites, etc. They are the uninvited guests who enter your house without your willingness and destroy your health, wealth, peace, and happiness.

Not only a home, an office, a restaurant, commercial buildings, and even agricultural sectors also face pest-related problems. Pests such as feral pigeons, ants, and mice transfer deadly diseases from one farm to another farm which ultimately affects the health of workers and crops as well. TechSquadTeam professionals are fully qualified to handle any pest control issues.

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Below are the various steps involved in professional bed bug removal services:

  • Complete Inspection of the infested area.
  • Identifying the area
  • Thorough preparation of the bed bug treatment
  • Eradicate the bed bugs through chemical and non-chemical treatments.

Without wasting your time on heart-heard myths about bed bugs focus on genuine methods of its eradication for a healthy environment.

Here are the different kinds of pests which you usually see in your day-to-day life


We all know that rat causes plague disease. But, apart from that rat is equally destructive as termites as they can enter your house through a small hole and nibble everything such as food, wire, clothes, books, cinderblocks, etc. At first, Professionals identify whether the pest is a rat or mouse. Then they use innovative technology to detect the infested area. Later, they seal all the holes and gaps in your place.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are wood settler that causes a disturbance in your body, as well as red welts, which happen in the place where it bites. Bed bugs are very tiny and can’t be easily detected. It also multiplies very fast. So, expert help is a must to eradicate bed bugs from your house. With their help, it becomes easy to identify, remove and take measures and precautions to avoid future infestation.


Cockroaches are around since the time of dinosaurs and it is believed that roaches are the only species on the earth that survive a nuclear attack. Thus, they are highly flexible to most insecticides. They are commonly found in warm environment areas like kitchens and hotels. These irritants can cause bacterial diseases, and allergies and trigger asthma attacks, especially in children. They spread nearly 33 kinds of bacteria in your house. Our technician first assesses the situation like their infested area, and the reason behind their infestation.


It is another wood-eating insect that ruins all the wooden furniture or articles in your house, office, hotel, or kitchen. You will find termites during monsoons. They are also known as “silent destroyers” because they quietly chew through wood and flooring. There are 2000 termite species you can find all over the world. Our termite control providers use exclusive technology, and eco-friendly chemicals for customers’ safety, health & hygiene. They use highly specialized methods to control the cockroach problem from the root.


They are small insects that generally come in the winter season but can cause trouble for the whole year. Ants are very frustrating when they get into your home or kitchen. Depending upon the colonies they live, one colony has millions of ants. Ants mostly destroy our food and the red ants can cause irritation and swelling in the biting part of the body. Although you can do a few home remedies to reduce ants from home or restaurants it is not sufficient to fully vanish their population.


With the rising garbage and drainage system problem, the breeding of mosquitoes, house flies, and fruit flies is a cause of concern. They carry life-threatening diseases like Dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya. They can’t be wholly removed by using over-the-top sprays and repellents. Experts can use extra precautionary measures to remove mosquitoes from your house. Our best professionals with their outstanding effort take precautionary measures to vanish these flying insects.

Wood Borer-

These are larvae-type insects that are found mostly in woodworks, wooden furniture, etc. Its infestation leads to damage and replacement of the whole wooden structure

TechSquadTeam experts thoroughly examine the infested area which is characterized by yellow powder. This yellow powder or frass is nothing but the chaff from tunnels burrowed by these woodworms. They use appropriate means and advanced technology like chemical injections in the affected area to eliminate the growth of the pest.

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