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4 Traditional and Famous Sarees from Odisha

4 Traditional and Famous Sarees from Odisha

By TechSquadTeam .     June 14, 2021

From a fashion point of view, sarees have been the traditional Indian attire for centuries now. Sarees make women look bold, graceful, beautiful, and comfortable, all at the same time. Whether it is a casual party or a big fat wedding, Indian women love to dress up in a saree. Odisha is an eastern state of India famous for its traditional handloom sarees. The sarees of Odisha reflect the culture of the state and its everlasting tradition. One can opt for Odia sarees at almost all the festivities and still look their absolute best.

The thing about saree is, even if it is elegant attire, without proper techniques it is somewhat difficult to put on. So, to help the women put on a stylish saree, techsquadteam provides the best saree draping services at home in Bhubaneswar. Odia sarees come with beautiful colours and different patterns as well, which is why it is very famous among the women. Here are the most famous traditional sarees from Odisha:

The Sambalpuri Saree

The Sambalpuri saree is probably the most popular traditional Odia saree, not only in India but in the entire world. It became popular around the 1980s when the late Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi started wearing them. Sambalpuri sarees are particularly famous for their traditional motifs like shankha (shell), phula (flower), and chakra (wheel).

The tie-dye art in their intricate weaves is the traditional craftsmanship of the “Bandhakala”, also known as the Sambalpuri “Ikkat”. Sambalpuri sarees are mostly known for their handloom weavings, traditional motifs, affluent colours, and quality yarns.

Bomkai Saree/Sonepuri Saree

The Bomkai saree are of two types, the cotton ones are for everyday use and the silk ones are for special occasions like weddings. The thread work of the designs in the pallu and the borders is splendid. The Bomkai sarees are very simple with a hint of tribal culture in them.

Originally, the saree was dyed to get the black, red, and white colours. Now you can get these sarees in various colours and designs while retaining their originality. This saree is accepted widely and particularly famous among fashion designers.

The Ikat Saree

The Ikat sarees are made by weft threads and tie-dying the warp to create the design on the loom before weaving. The design process is unlike any other Ikat saree in the country. The designs are generally birds, rudraksh beads, animals, dice, temple towers, geometric designs, and pinnacles.

The silk fabrics of this saree are made at Nuapatna, present in the Cuttak district, and are woven with Ikat yarns. These sarees are used to dress up the idols at the Jagannath temple every day. Particularly the Ikat made by the Bhullas from western Odisha is considered better than those of eastern odisha in terms of fabric and patterns.

Kotpad Saree

Kotpad saree are originated from the Koraput district where the tribal weavers of Kotpad use vegetable dyed fabrics. These are cotton sarees with patta anchal and solid borders, all dyed organically. Other materials consist of cotton silk, handloom stoles, dupatta with typical motives, and many dress materials.

The making of this saree is quite time consuming, but worth the effort. The natural vegetable dye is manufactured from the Aul tree that grows in this area. To wear this saree on special occasions, you can book techsquadteam for saree draping at home.

Khandua Saree

The Khandua saree is manufactured in Cuttak and has been termed as “the pride of Odisha”. This is an example of a classic hand woven saree, where traditional wooden looms are used to weave these exclusively artistic and exquisite pieces, from pure cotton yarn.

The Khandua saree is very lightweight, almost weighing 300 grams. The khandua silk saree is especially worn by women at weddings due to its elegance. A special type of Khandua saree is also worn by lord Jagannath. This saree is a unique blend of traditional and modern art, which makes it perfect for modern saree attire.

Saree is the traditional fashion cloth that will never go out of style. Many modern saree fusions are now available, but the grace provided by the traditional saree has no match. Techsquadteam provides the best in-house beauty services in Bhubaneswar, from saree draping to makeup services. Next time you would like to get draped in a saree for a casual or a special occasion, consider techsquadteam.

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