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Do’s and Don’t of Bridal Make-Up!

Nothing is more important than your wedding day. Right? So, you cannot compromise with getting the best bridal make-up on your big day from a professional expert. Because this is the only moment, a bride is going to cherish throughout her life. Doing the party make-up all alone is somehow ok, it’s a complete “NO” when it comes to your wedding day. Taking a risk at this moment will be a foolish decision all you know.

However, hiring professional make-up services in Bhubaneswar is definitely a good-to-go choice. They are the only ones who can understand what exactly will go to enhance your personality. Having ample experience, professional make-up artists will make your day special with all sorts of beauty techniques. 

Have a look at the Do’s & Don’t:


  1. Always prefer to go for a trial make-up session. Because a day before the wedding can make you realize to choose amongst the hundreds of make-up looks. So opt for it without any hesitation.
  2. Talk to your make-up artist regarding the clear vision of your wedding. Through this, you can make your expert understand the look you want on your wedding day.
  3. Get clarified about the various make-up techniques from your professional make-up artists. Starting from airbrush makeup, HD make-up, and 3D make-up to some normal cream base make-up, what exactly do you want on your day, just make your artist understand the style and techniques.


  1. Avoid doing overdo makeup. Because a vibrant eye looks, lips, foundation base, and cheeks will not look beautiful at all. As it’s your wedding day, you have that right to look perfect, but more is always awful, so prefer a shuttle look. 
  2. Stay away from the recent trends. It’s never a good idea of going crazy with the ongoing trends. Because the shady multiple color look is always a bad idea. Prefer to have a simple and classic idea.
  3. Never neglect your skincare due to the hustle of your wedding rituals. Unless you get flawless skin, your make-up will not enhance your beauty at all. For which you should go for facial services prior to 3 months on a regular monthly basis to get glowing and clear skin. This treatment is the only left-out option that will prepare your skin for the wedding day. 
  4. The most important factor, is don’t go with the price when it’s your big day. If your make-up artist’s experience and portfolio are skilled enough, then the budget is a very minor issue. Because, in the end, you might get a little fewer options, but you cannot get the day back in your life. So do not compromise in terms of budget if you are getting the correct service. 

In a make-up look, eye-makeup is the most important factor. Because eyes are the attractive part of a bride which must look entice from every aspect? But what are the basic products which are used to get a glam eye look?

Just have a look:

Eye shadow Primer: 

Primer is the most important factor to retain your makeup for a long. Just like a face primer, for eye-make, a special eye shadow primer is also there to make your shadow stay. Creating a base for eye make-up creates a glam look. 


Well, every make-up is incomplete without an eyeliner. An eye-liner is the only product that gives a complete look to your eyes. Be it a liquid, gel, or stick eye-liner, you can use anyone to uplift your eyes. Nowadays there are various types of color eye-liners are there out in the market and you won’t believe it looks amazing. And you can easily use them that suit your base eye-makeup just to add a “WOW” factor to it.  


You can amp up your look with a good mascara. If you do not like eyelashes you can use mascara to highlight your lashes. It not only gives volume to your lashes but also helps to curl them. So always prefer a liquid mascara to look great.


You always might get confused while choosing the shade for your eyes. But don’t worry. The professional can make your job easier by choosing the best-opted shadow that goes well with your skin tone. Starting from Smokey eyes, red vibrant look, to some light shade eyes, all can be done within a single span of time.

Getting flawless make-up is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, TechsquadTeam gives you that exposure of getting the best make-up services to make you happy on your wedding day. Our expert beauticians will give a classy look ending up with traditional or western attire. Have fun and enjoy your wedding day with a stunning touch!

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