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4 Makeup Ideas that any Bride Would Love

As a bride, you have spent hours trying to perfect every detail from your wedding dress to your hairstyle. The only thing left to do is makeup that brings everything together. But before that, you need to keep your skin glowing, because until your face looks brighter, your make-up will turn out like hell. The art of makeup does not aim to hide your natural beauty but enhance the look. Unlike the popular belief, that makeup changes the look of a person altogether, rather different types of makeup highlight and feature the actual beauty of the person. For the best doorstep makeup, we recommend hiring techsquadteam for the best bridal makeup services in Bhubaneswar.

There was a time when makeup was limited to special occasions like weddings, but women around the world have made makeup their everyday necessity, which is why the cosmetic industry has taken a boom towards success. With new brands and products coming every day, makeup has gone to a whole different level. A good makeup artist can now give you a look depending upon what exactly you want, the skin type & personality you have, and what would look best on you. Let’s check the bridal makeup ideas that are much popular these days:

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HD Makeup:

High Definition or HD makeup is the look you usually see people wearing on TVs or big screens. HD cameras can capture each line and crease our face has, both naturally and made by makeup. HD makeup uses those makeup techniques which hide the lines and wrinkles on the face and it does not crease over time.

HD makeup makes your skin look flawless and makes you camera-ready for hours. One of the best parts about this makeup is it does not feel too heavy and maintains the natural look both on and off camera. It is one of the popular makeup ideas for brides, as they have to spend hours clicking photographs.

Airbrush Makeup:

Instead of using traditional makeup tools such as brushes and sponges, airbrush makeup uses an airbrush to do literal painting on makeup. This technique makes your skin look flawless and gives a smooth finish. If the weather is humid, it can feel a bit heavy but it lasts for hours.

The makeup artists use many kinds of airbrushes to achieve this look. Sleek brushes are used for eyes while broad brushes are used for cheeks. Airbrush makeup covers all the dark spots, blemishes, and complexion differences without looking unnatural.

Smokey Makeup:

Smokey makeup creates a powerful and sexy look with dark smokey eyes and bold lips. The core focus of this makeup is on the eyes. For a dark smokey look, shades of black and grey are used, while for a light smokey look, shades of brown are used. Then the eyes are completed by using fake eyelashes, eyeliner, and kohl.

If the occasion is during the day, the makeup artist may go for bold lip colour or go with nude colour and highlight only the eyes. The smokey makeup is for those brides who want to look both graceful and powerful. You can avail smokey makeup look by availing yourself of techsquadteam’s doorstep beauty services in Bhubaneswar.

Matte Makeup:

It is one of the most popular makeup looks you can do. Matte makeup can be done for everyday use as well as for weddings by making it more dramatic. This makeup technique allows you to experiment with bold colours and hues without downgrading the natural beauty of your face.

It goes well with all types of weather and it is bold & subtle at the same time. It feels very light on the face and great for all types of occasions and during any time of the day. It allows your skin to breathe and lasts throughout the day. With different colours and hues, you can get many stunning matte makeup looks.

With so many different types of makeup looks, it can be quite hard to choose what to go with for your wedding day. You want to look absolutely perfect but not mess up by choosing the wrong one. You should give a trial run of different makeup looks beforehand to get a good experience with each of them. Follow all the skincare routines, maintain a healthy diet, and pamper your skin a couple of months before the wedding to get that natural glow. To get that flawless makeup you want for your big day, consider techsquadteam to get a makeup session and salon at home in Bhubaneswar.


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