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What to do when encountered with Bed bugs at Hotels?

What to do when encountered with Bed bugs at Hotels?

By TechSquadTeam .     October 23, 2019

Bed bugs can be found in any part of the world at any place. They might be hiding under your mattresses, seams of your mattresses, cracks of the walls, seats in a bus, sofas, or any place that is inhabited by human beings. Bed bugs are ardent travelers just like humans and transfer themselves quite effectively from one infested place to another to start a brand new infestation. They multiply rapidly and get settled in the new location very easily. Mostly humans remain ignorant about a bed bug infestation until it’s too late.

Hotels are the best places to encounter and get infested by bed bugs. Every hotel at some point in time might be infested by bed bugs and would have called bed bugs control services to eradicate the problem. But as customers, it becomes a very uneasy experience if confronted with such an infestation while you are traveling for an important business appointment or taking a vacation from your daily hectic lifestyle. So what can you expect when you encounter such a situation?

Checking for infestation before and after check-in:

If you are traveling to cities like Bangalore, Delhi or Hyderabad or any place and booking yourself a hotel, check for any reviews that might suggest previous bed bug infestation in the hotel. Once you have cleared your doubt then only go for the booking. After booking the hotel give a call to the hotel to confirm they are free from bed bugs and have recently gone through a bed bugs best treatment in Bangalore. Once you give a call, either the hotel would already have had the pest control done or will instantly book a professional bed bug pest control in Bangalore that can eliminate the problem before you reach the hotel. In any case, you do not have to face bed bugs.

Safety measures after check-in:

Once checked-in, you should always inspect the room provided to you for bed bugs before settling in. Use your mobile torch to look for rusty dark marks and bed bug shells on the seams of the mattresses, under the mattress covers, inside pillows, on walls, etc. These dark marks are the residual shells and feces of the bed bugs. Also, while keeping the luggage, you need to be careful not to keep it near to the bed or any dark corners. You need to keep your baggage in the closets or you can keep it somewhere there is light like the bathroom.

Proof of bed bug infestation:

Even after all these safety measures, you might come face to face with bed bugs. But humans do not realize a bed bug biting them because they secrete an anesthetic in their saliva during biting which numbs the feeling. But the aftermath results in red blisters and rashes anywhere where the naked skin was exposed. These rashes are proof of bed bug infestation. Other signs might include blood on the bed sheets and crushed and dead bed bugs on the sheets or near your bed that you have slaughtered during your sleep.    

What to do after finding the proof?:

Once you are confirmed that your room has bed bugs, take pictures of bite marks and the blood marks on the sheets. Try to capture a bed bug if possible. You can try to find them and might be successful as they would be fed on your blood and go far is not an option after being fed. If you have crushed a few bed bugs, you can take the pictures of them and show these to the hotel management. You should instantly change your room or ask for a refund and check out from that hotel. If you have booked the hotel through an agency do let them know about your experience. Also, try to provide a review of the hotel online so that others might become aware of the situation and act accordingly.

What the hotel should do?:

The second you inform the hotel, they should take instant action. The first line of action should be calling the best bed bugs pest control in Bangalore and performing an instant treatment in the hotel. You can recommend them some professional bed bug pest control in Bangalore who can help the hotel staff in eliminating the bed bug situation.

Where to contact?:

You can recommend the staff to call on 080-4653-5800 or visit to book an appointment with TechSquadTeam, experts in bed bug pest control in Malleswaram Bangalore and nearby areas.      

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