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The Nightmare of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating and annoying creatures you will come across in your life. These pests though don’t spread diseases but can hamper a good night’s sleep. However, there are also common health problems caused by bedbugs. Staring from skin infection, allergic reactions, stress to sleep deprivation are the most common issues usually faced.  Bed bugs are usually buried deep inside the bed and are active at night, during our sleep. They consume our blood to survive and are really hard to spot. A bed bug normally matures in 35 days and can stay alive from 7 – 12 months. This is why extermination of these pests is very much necessary. TechSquadTeam provides the best Bed Bug Control Services in Chennai. With proper tools and well-trained experts, they will wipe the entire bed bug infestation out of your house. We are one of the leading service providers in Chennai who knows the exact signs that indicate the bedbug infestations.

How to Identify Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are easily identified through bite marks or itchy areas which won’t be there before you go to bed but are there in the morning. Bed bug bites are painless and small. But if they are swollen and itchy, it can be quite noticeable. Other signs of bed bug infestation are:

  • Bloodstains on the mattress, pillows, walls, bed sheets, etc.
  • Cluster of dark brown or black spots of the bed bug excrement on your mattress or anywhere around the bed
  • Eggs or eggshells of bed bugs in your bed
  • Shredded skins of the bugs while they were growing
  • A pungent, offensive, and damp smell that comes from the bud bugs’ scent glands

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Bed bugs are really good “hitch-hikers”. They latch onto things like clothes, suitcases, bags, etc., and travel to where those things end up. As they are hard to spot, they spread very easily. Bed bugs are said to be associated with humans for more than 3000 years. They are often found at large gatherings including, schools, conferences, public transportations, hotels, etc. where they are easily transmitted.

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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs are really smart when it comes to hiding. They do not fly but are very fast movers. As they are tiny, they get into holes and cracks that aren’t normally visible. This makes Bud Bug Removal Services very hard. While mostly they can be found inside the bed, there are several other places where they might hide, such as:

  • Seams of box springs and mattresses
  • Cracks or joints in cupboards, cabinets, drawers, or other furniture
  • Inside the electrical appliances
  • Between the folds of window curtains
  • Edges or corners on walls and ceiling
  • Inside wall hangings, carpets, etc.
  • Anywhere inside a sofa or any kind of bedding

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

If you seem to have a rather frequent bed bug infestation, knowing how the bugs enter your house can prevent you from calling Bed Bug Pest Control Services very often. Bed bugs can enter your house in many ways, follow these steps to prevent the bed bugs from entering your house:

  • Steer clear from second-hand furniture, used clothes, and other used items brought inside your house
  • Even if you bring them, thoroughly inspect them and clean
  • Check and seal any cracks or gaps near walls, doors, pipelines, etc.
  • If you are traveling, vacuum or sanitize your luggage
  • Avoid keeping suitcases, bags, and any kind of luggage from your bed or other beddings
  • Thoroughly inspect hotel beds and furniture while staying
  • Regularly check your bed for any signs of bed bug infestation
  • If you have any pets, frequently check their sleeping areas

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How to Treat Bed Bug Infestation

Although many pesticides are available in the market for DIY purposes and a few techniques like cleaning and vacuuming are considered to be useful, they are not 100% effective. The best possible solution is to hire professionals. If you are looking for experts, TechSquadTeam offers the best Pest Control Services in Chennai. They are well-trained for such situations and are proven to be the most effective.

The steps followed in the treatment of bed bugs are:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the entire infested area
  • Checking for eggs, stains, shredded skin, and other signs of bed bugs
  • Using vacuum to remove bed bugs from beds, sofas, carpets, and other infested areas
  • Sealing all cracks and holes using sealants to trap the bed bugs
  • Spraying mild odor chemicals onto the infested areas to kill the bed bugs. The experts sometimes even drench the area in chemicals as per the severity of the infestation
  • If the infestation is more severe, sometimes heat fumigation is also applied
  • A follow-up procedure is done in 15 days to ensure complete bed bug elimination

Eliminating bed bugs is a very important, but also a very hard job. They are not easily visible and till you identify them, they would have multiplied like anything. So you really need to stop them before they double their number and create a complete muddle all around. Being the most mischievous creatures, you cannot delay getting them out completely with quality procedures and expertise. To get effective results, book TechSquadTeam for Bed Bug Control Services.

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