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How does Bed Bugs get Introduced Into your Home?

A bed bug infestation is not welcomed anywhere but then somehow you always end up getting infested one way or another. Bed bugs do not come inside your home or office alone. Once a single bed bug comes it starts a colony of its own. They lay millions of eggs at once and can infest your home within a short interval of time. Getting any hint that your home is infested with bed bugs just give a call to the best bed bug control service near you. That is the best thing you can do at the time.

When the bed bug infestation starts at your home, certain signs can help you in identifying the infestation. There might be dark spots on the bed sheets which is usually crushed bed bug or the dried-up faeces of bed bugs. Then mark the cracks and gaps of the walls and the bed you might be able to find already dead bed bugs or bed bug eggs. Also, check underneath the mattress and you can find huge discolouration and patches of spots which suggests that your bed is infested with bed bugs.

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Different ways to get rid of bedbugs permanently from your house are as follows:

• Hiding spots should be reduced
• Infested area must be cleaned completely
• Seek experts’ advice

When you start seeing these signs you right away call for professional bed bug control services in Banashankari, Bangalore which is the best option to do. But then ever wonder where do these bed bugs come into your home and have infested? It is better to always know about the source of the problem so that either you can get the best treatment after the information or else you can try to avoid getting into the same situation again. Here is a list of a few ways in which bed bugs get introduced into your home.

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Recent Travelling History:–

Bed bugs are great at hitchhiking and can reach your home in your luggage or clothes from another place. Travelling is the best way to get infested. Bed bugs can be infesting a hotel room that you recently checked in or a bus seat or even have transferred from some fellow traveller. It’s a good idea to get a thorough clean-up of yourself and your luggage once you are back from a trip. Wash all your clothes, take a good bath yourself and steam all the sheets before using them again. Hire professional bed bug pest control in Bangalore just to make sure they have not spread anywhere in your home.

Buying Second-hand Furniture:–

Most furniture that you buy second-hand from other people might be infected by bed bugs. It is very important to check them carefully before you take them inside your home. Bed bugs might be festering in the furniture for a long time and they mustn't get introduced into your house.

Animals and Pets:

This is a rare instant and there is very less chance of getting an infestation this way but still, you can never be careful. Every time you are travelling with your pets do give them a detailed check-up to know if they have any foreign pests attached to them. Calling professional bed bug control in Banashankari, Bangalore might not be the best option. Bath them with warm water and some anti-bacterial shampoo. Make sure their hair is thoroughly checked before letting them inside other parts of the house.

Bed bugs can be a mess but then you do have expert bed bug control services in Bangalore or any place in Bangalore to help you out. Just give us a call at 07795001555 or visit and book our services for the best possible rates and quality of service.  

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