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What are the Differences between Cleaning and Sanitizing?

What are the Differences between Cleaning and Sanitizing?

By TechSquadTeam .     November 25, 2020

Keeping your place clean and well sanitized is quite important for everyone. But to keep your home or work place clean it is quite important to understand different modes of cleaning. There are many professional who provide cleaning services and sanitization services.  

To eliminate pathogens and to restrict their growth cleaning and sanitization are the two modes which are generally used by a majority of owners. But there are certain differences between cleaning and sanitization.

Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Cleaning is a process of removing dirt, such as dust particles, bad odours, and clutters from your place while sanitization is a process to make the surface hygienic and free from all types of germs and bacteria.
  • Areas with frequent and highly touched surface need cleaning on regular basis like kitchen door handles, cooktops, floor windows, etc. whereas sanitization is done mostly in hospitals and health care centres and areas with high probability of infections.
  • The procedure of cleaning includes detergent solution, along with vacuuming and mopping whereas sanitization involves the use of tested chemicals like chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium.
  • With cleaning technique it refers to reduce the germs that can spread infections, however this technique does not kill germs but in case of sanitization there is a reduction of germs up-to a certain level. By using chemical based sanitizer it can kill up to 99.999% of germs in about 30 seconds.
  • The main and the most important difference between the two is that you cannot sanitize a dirty surface. The cleaning part always comes in the first order of priority.  

What are the Basic Options Available for Cleaning?

For cleaning there are various products used for an effective results.

Some of them are mentioned below:-

(1.) Soap Solutions

Soap solutions are generally used for cleaning. Generally the soap solutions are used for cleaning dirty dishes but they can also be used for cleaning the dirty surface.

(2.) Chemical Based Cleaners

For deep stains there are chemical based cleaners which can give best results when used for cleaning. The chemical based cleaners are often hard on the surface to remove the stains. However the use of chemical based cleaners may damage the surface but these chemical based cleaners deliver good results by reducing the presence of germs.

(3.) Acid Based Cleaners

Many people use acid based cleaners to remove stains completely. Although the presence of acid is dangerous for environment so it is highly advisable to avoid the uses of cleaners with acids as the main component.

What are the Basic Options Available for Sanitization?

After cleaning sanitization is also one of the vital parts that need to be taken into account. With the help of sanitization it helps you keep your place free from all types of virus, germs and bacteria.

There are many options for sanitizing your place. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Heat Treatment:-

For an effective sanitization of your home or workplace availing the heat treatment seems to be the best option for number of home owners. Heat treatment is best for places where owners are looking forward to deep sanitize their place.  

In heat treatment generally hot water is used with the help of assembled equipment. As water is pumped through equipment the temperature is maintained for effective results. As per the infestation of pests and bacteria the temperature of the water is adjusted.

Vapour Treatment:-

When it comes to sanitizing vapour treatment is another best option to consider for home or commercial purpose. The vapour treatment is generally used for places where there is a need for keeping the food items fresh and completely free from all types of pests and bacteria. In case of vapour treatment there is a particular temperature maintained for best results.

Steps for Cleaning and Sanitization

For an effective cleaning and sanitization there are certain steps that need to be followed for good results.


Removal of all types of dusts and dirt’s from contaminated surface. Dry clean the place with a cloth or scrubber

Step -II

Use washing agents to clean or deep sanitize the surface. Completely clean the surface by using chemicals mixed with water in the right amount.

Step –III

Completely rinse the surface with the help of water and make sure that dirt and soils are completely removed. Maximize the pressure of water as well as increase the use of agents for best results.

Step –IV

Let the surface dry for some time after the process of sanitization and cleaning is completed. Avoid using the sanitized space for some time.           

The Finals Thoughts

These are some of the basic differences between cleaning and sanitization. The business owners can choose any one of cleaning as per the demand of the business and the level of pest infestation.

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