Fumigation and Sanitization

Fumigation and Sanitization Fumigation and Sanitization

Post-COVID Comeback with Office Sanitization Services

Long after the pandemic, the companies are now resuming the work from office after the long work from the home norm. However, after the long due vacation, you cannot ignore the workplace culture to get started as soon as possible. But the long shut down of offices has made a home destination for various pests and unwanted germs. Due to this, you cannot enter without complete sanitization and disinfection. Because at an office confluence, being exposed to unwanted germs is now of great concern. Isn’t it? 

However, you need to take care of certain things to make them completely disinfect. Because if sufficient precautions are not taken, then there is a risk of getting an infectious virus at the office. And the safety of every individual completely depends upon the sanitization of workplaces which is extremely essential. But at the same time, it’s not possible to do it on your own. Right? At that moment, hiring office sanitization services is undoubtedly the best choice. Having qualified professionals, are the only ones who can sanitize your workplace with all skills and techniques by using quality products.  

What are the basic areas that need to be sanitized in your office premises?

Well, you cannot specify the particular areas while sanitizing. Because in your office, each and every corner is crowded and needs sanitization. Still, you can somehow discriminate between the high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk areas, just to make your vision clear in terms of sanitization. However, by knowing the areas, you can easily identify which one needs more attention in comparison to the others. 

Just scroll down and have a look at the below chart to make your doubts clear about the high risk and low-risk area:

High-Risk Areas - Conference Room, Reception Area, Washroom, Guardroom, Conference Hall, Workstations, Cafeteria

Medium Risk Areas - Doors of each and every room

Low-Risk Areas -  Staircases & Railings

Below are the routine steps to be followed for office sanitizations are listed:

Regular Disinfection: 

Always prefer to disinfect and sanitize the entire office premises on a regular basis. Starting from all senior employees, junior employees, managers, to even the boss itself, all should maintain proper sanitization precautions in order to stay safe and healthy. For which at least twice a day you should focus on sanitizing the office. Every corner of the office is it in your small areas or the large residing space should be disinfected completely.

Hands-On Quick Sanitization:  

In order to prevent the spread of germs and infections, you should do quick and frequent sanitization. However, to clean the surface effectively, you can use disinfectant sprays and other liquid cleaners. You can easily keep your office area clean by doing a quick and frequent sanitization process. And it can easily be done by an office cleaning service provider, with all ease and comfort. 

Keep the office completely equipped:  

Despite all the work pressure, you should never neglect your safety. Always keep your office completely equipped with all the sanitary utilities such as hand sanitizers, wipes, and other necessary items to maintain a healthy environment on your level. Due to the large capacity of employees, the chance of being infected is high. Especially the areas like the cafeteria, conference hall, and the break-room needs hourly sanitization, being the most crowded place. Right? So always keep in mind that your office should always be compacted with all necessary equipment considering the safety issues.  

Train your employees:

Being aware of the fact that the office has begun its work process after a long-run pandemic; the employees should be more concerned while maintaining safety protocols. However, you should specially train them about the necessity of sanitation and hygiene, along with its adverse effect on the environment. You must follow various protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using masks, frequent hand-wash, and hand sanitizer. These should always be maintained to keep hygiene on the top priority list.

Clean the surfaces regularly:   

You should always clean the high-touch surfaces such as the switchboards, the doorknobs, the desk, the cafeteria sit over chairs, sinks, and many more other electronic usable as well to avoid the spread of disease-causing germs. Due to frequent use of these areas or you can say the surfaces, regular cleaning is necessary in order to maintain hygiene. 

Last but least, with the pandemic looming above all these issues, moving back to the past workplace is a challenging task for everyone. Right? However, office sanitization services from TechsquadTeam can help you from these prolonged sanitization issues. With complete sanitization products and equipment, our professionals having adequate knowledge of sanitizing the different kinds of spaces can definitely help to keep the bacteria and viruses away. However, for sufficient protection, they follow the utmost government guidelines while sanitizing your entire work area. 

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