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Seven Steps of Cleaning You Must Know

Maintaining home cleanliness is very important. It helps to reduce the presence of allergens as well as bacteria in your home. No matter either you live in a rented flat or a luxurious villa it is quite important to make sure that every corner of your home is quite clean and well maintained so that it can make your life healthy and peaceful. However, to make every corner completely clean and sanitized, you need to understand the different types of cleanings to choose from, which suits your requirement the most.

Often homeowners find it difficult to maintain cleanliness as it requires various techniques to eliminate all hidden germs and bacteria. There are trained professionals who are well experienced to follow these steps to make your house worth living.

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Steps for Cleaning your House 

When homeowners contact professional cleaning services they follow 7 steps to ensure the complete elimination of pests, viruses, and bacteria.

The 7 steps mentioned below will help you keep your home clean and keep your family safe from all types of viruses and bacteria.

(1.) Trash Disposal

As cleaning professionals reach your home for home cleaning the first step they follow is the removal of waste from dustbins. They will completely empty the garbage bags and tins. The next part of the process is that they will completely deep clean the bins and garbage bags. In the case of garbage bags, they will be replaced with fresh bags.

(2.) Dusting

While cleaning home dusting is one of the most elementary processes that are followed by home cleaning professionals. Due to a lack of cleaning and maintenance, there is a layer of dust that gets accumulated on the top of furniture and other section of the house. With the extra clean-up process, the dust will be removed with the mopping process.

(3.) Damp Wipe

This is the third stage of home cleaning which is followed by professional home cleaners. In this part, they use a neutral disinfectant in a damp cloth which is applied on a high touched surface like door knobs, switches, handles, and desks. These are highly touched surfaces that increase the risk of virus transmission. This step is repeated as per the requirement and the level of infestation. With this step, the virus and bacteria can be neutralized up to a great extent.

(4.) Stocking of commonly used items

After completion of the third step, this step is started which is related to the common cleanliness of bathroom products like toilet papers, paper towels, and soaps. The main objective of the stocking is to make these toilet items readily available and reduce the spread of bacteria and virus. The availability of stocks will help to maintain the social standards and maintain the cleanliness.

(5.) Floor Mop

After removing the dust it is time to get to the floors of the house. In the initial stage, a dry mop is used to remove the dust and after that, the wet floor mops are used to completely clean the floors. The professional cleaners navigate through all the corners of the house to make the house crystal clean.

(6.) Damp Mop

A damp mop includes a wet damping process which gives a delicate finishing to the floors of the house. There is a use of diluted cleaners which is eco-friendly and free from all types of harsh chemicals. The damp mop reaches every corner of the house and eliminates all unwanted virus and bacteria.

(7.) Final Inspection

After the successful completion of the cleaning, the professional cleaners conduct a final inspection to make sure that there are no corners left without cleaning.

The Final Thoughts

The seven steps mentioned above are followed to ensure complete cleanliness and fulfill the expectations of the esteemed clients. People are now more concerned about cleanliness when it comes to maintaining a healthy and secure lifestyle. By following the above-mentioned steps it becomes quite easy to achieve desired results after the cleaning process.      

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