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Top 10 Cricket Players Who Own Lavish Homes

As cricket has grown in popularity, it has become a more commercial and residential sport, which has boosted the game's popularity. Due to this a cricketer's national duties and touring all over the world have always been perks of the job. At the same time, national team cricketers earn substantial salaries. In addition to these achievements, top cricketers around the world enjoy high incomes and net worths which is an undoubtful fact.

However, in addition to earning money from playing matches, signing deals, and advertising endorsements, cricket players around the world are rewarded handsomely. Have you ever thought about what happens to all this money? Well, it’s completely visible. These wealthy people probably buy luxury cars and grand homes with their hefty earnings. But along with buying a lavish home, its maintenance is also important too. As a cricket home, there may be plenty of caretakers of the house. But always keep in mind that professional cleaning services are the best option out of everything. As they carry every sort of expertise. So risking the cleanliness with local maids might make you suffer later.

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Let’s Explore 10 Cricketers With Expensive Mansions.

Let’s dive into some detail of these lavish & fancy homes:


1.    Virat Kohli 

 India's cricket captain's Gurgaon bungalow is priced at an eye-watering Rs 80 crore, making it one of the most expensive homes on this list. Virat Kohli's house spans 700 yards and is equipped with a pool, gym, and some of the most beautiful décor in the country.

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2.    Rohit Sharma 

Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indians captain, and vice-captain for the Indian team, has set up a fancy pad for himself and his wife on the 29th floor of the lavish Ahuja Towers. There is a small yet conducive space for business meetings in the spacious property with spectacular views of the Arabian sea.

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3.    Shane Warne

 For most of the past decade, the former Aussie spinner has been moving around. His previous property in Melbourne was worth $20 million. His then-wife and he moved to Gloucestershire after he sold his property. In a comparatively smaller $5.5 million mansion in Melbourne, he has moved back to his old home.

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4.    Kevin Pietersen

 - Investing his money wisely appears to have been Kevin Pietersen's call. Wentworth Estates is an exclusive section of Surrey where this accurate investment was made in a luxury mansion. Former England batsman spent more than £25 million on this luxurious property.

5.    MS Dhoni 

Just like every other cricket house, this beautiful holiday home is located on Ranchi’s Ring Road and boasts an indoor cricket stadium for Dhoni and his daughter. However, a large lawn and garden area surrounds’ this farmhouse’s expensive view.

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6.    Sunil Gavaskar

When he is not participating on the contrary and the analysis team for NBC, the former India Cricketer enjoys some fine things in life. Goa’s holiday home was the most recent investment he made. Among the most beautiful properties in the coastal gem of India, is the Isprava Villa, brought by him.

7.    Rabindra Jadeja

He is probably India’s best all-rounder of the new era.  He also has an enormous mansion called “Cricket Bungalow” which includes some cricket-related arrangements over there.  As he was just 15 when he lost his mother, he named it after her, Shreelata.

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8.    Chris Gayle

A lot of media coverage has been given to Chris Gayle’s mansion in Jamaica. And the best part is that he carries enough space to host his luxurious parties over there.

9.    Sourav Ganguly

As all know Sourav Ganguly is attached to his root town, which is Kolkata where he owns a massive house with all tremendous amenities. No doubt he was always out for presidential functions, but all he ends up is with his own lovely lavish home.

10. Hardik Pandya 

He owns a very beautiful penthouse in Vadodara. With a beautiful interior, according to his loved one’s taste, it has been made. It is located in one of the posh areas of  Vadodara which highlights its beauty more precisely.

All in all, a home is home. It depends on how you are going to take care of it. If you are owning a lavish one too, make sure you are looking after its maintenance too. Happy Living! 

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