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A few hints on getting your bus clean by professionals

Whether you are driving a coach bus, school bus, luxury bus or public bus, your passengers will expect a clean and tidy ride. As a bus driver, you have so many things to do to meet your passenger’s expectation. Transporting lots of passengers to and from the destination daily is a very hard work and needs lots of patience and peace of mind.

If you are a school bus driver, then you have to clean the bus before the school year starts. Preventive measures should be taken to avoid unnecessary expenses on cleaning the bus. A well-cleaned bus shows the care and responsibility you have towards the passengers. Why to spend time in cleaning and detailing your vehicle? It is always a smart way to give a light clean to the vehicle if you are going on a long trip so that you can minimize the workload later.

In order to get deep bus cleaning service in Bangalore, you should hire a professional. Here we are providing a few tips from a professional bus cleaner’s point of view.

Surface Cleaning

Before cleaning work starts, just unfasten all the seats and flip the seats up. Start sweeping from the back and move all the way towards the front of the bus. Try to sweep all the corners like in-between the seats, under and in-between the seats bar. Clean out all the gum and candy wrappers. Now, cleaning work will be started!

Areas to check for dust and dirt

All buses have somehow big or small storage space to keep passenger’s bags or luggage. Be sure to check all the luggage racks, under seats and seat hand rest and many more. Pick up all the discarded food bags, wrappers, and cups to keep the bus clean. If you notice dirt or dust, then wipe off with a paper towel or wet cloth immediately before it gets harder.

Windows cleaning

A good glass cleaner can remove the fingerprint smudges on the windows. These smudges block the passengers’ view. For both the passengers and drivers safety, the windows, inside of the windshield and mirrors should be cleaned. Professional bus cleaning service provider uses harmless window cleaner to wipe down all the smudges and stains.

Seats clean up

It is very much important to clean up all the stains and spills on the seats. Because the longer a stain sits, the harder it will be to clean. Keep a rag and cleaning solution at hand to wipe down all seats and vacuum any loose crumbs.

Cleaning driver area

The driver area is the dirtiest place in a bus. Do a quick inspection of it to make sure the trash is removed and all gears and controls are cleaned thoroughly. Important items should be stored in the glove compartment.

In a dusty, polluted city like Bangalore, hiring a professional bus cleaning service would be a wise decision to make your bus shiny bright and clean like it has been bought recently. Call us today to avail the best bus cleaning and maintenance services. No matter what you need, we are always there to assist you.


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