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Professional guidelines and Quick tips to clean bathroom

Once you create a to-do list at home, bathroom cleaning probably comes at the least number. Because there are a few things you may find which are very unpleasant than a filthy bathroom. Besides all the excuses, the bathroom cleaning has to be done, whether it’s by yourself or by professional cleaners.

Before starting the bathroom cleaning job, you should be aware to tackle all the surfaces evenly and thoroughly. The way you keep your bathroom clean shows you the time it will take for the next bathroom cleaning. However, there are various things to consider creating a healthy habit of cleaning a bathroom.

The Followings are the below-mentioned tips to get your bathroom in clean and clear condition

Plan in Advance: 

Plan for the bathroom cleaning in advance as it takes heavy time to remove soil layer build-up. Set a scheduled time to clean it like a Sunday or any holiday or before taking bath. Take out all the things such as bathroom curtains, bath mat, and towels so that you can reach each and every part easily and these kinds of stuff won’t get damaged by the dirt and dust. You can set this stuff on a clean towel on the ground.

Scrub the shower: 

If you want to make your shower shine, then you will need to wash the showerhead, its walls, floors, doors, and drain. The showerhead deposits gunk and minerals, which blocks the water flow. To avoid such incidents, you need to mix one part vinegar with one part water in a plastic sandwich bag and secure it with a rubber band and tag it to the showerhead.

Cleanse the tub: 

Bathtubs and buckets should be washed regularly to avoid unsightly things around the tub. Don’t use a scrub pad or scouring agents as it can damage the shininess of the tub. Better use a liquid liner when cleaning enamel and acrylic tubs. However, it is smart to identify the material of tubs and buckets and according to that, choose scouring powder to remove stains or damage.

Wipe off the Sink: 

Similar to bathtubs, you need to first decide what kind of material the bathroom sink is made of. Because it is pretty much a small version of the bathtub. Before choosing a cleansing powder, you need to identify the material and then pull the stopper out to give it a wipe down.

Clean the Toilet: 

A toilet brush and toilet cleaner are required to clean it. Don’t forget to wear gloves and wash out under the rim of the toilet to find out how creepy bacteria and germs have grown up under it. Use a general cleaner to wash the outer part of the toilet seat.

Take out the trash: 

You can observe the bathroom trash cans are filled up so fast because of the traffic in the bathroom. Make a habit of daily throwing out wastebaskets, and trash to avoid spillover. Additionally, always line up the trash bins with a plastic grocery bag or bin liner so that hair or gunk won’t stick to the container.

Change towels, and mats on a regular basis: All the linen such as bath towels, bath mats, and curtains need to be washed regularly so that germs and bacteria won’t build up. You can set a time to clean this linen mid-week or in between your set cleaning days.

Use these cleaning tips and guidelines to give a fresh and vibrant ambiance to the bathroom. So that, next time the cleaning time appears, it won’t consume more time and you will feel relaxed. In addition, if you hire a professional bathroom cleaning service, then the professional hardly takes a few hours to complete these tasks and cleanse the bathroom thoroughly.

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