Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

How to prepare for a Professional pest Control Service

Household pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, ants, mosquitoes, and other insects can be a real danger to our homes. Besides creeping us to our core, these pests are also the carriers of several diseases including malaria, typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, etc. Some pests do not carry any disease, like termites, which damage anything made of wood and bed bugs, which suck our blood during the night. Nevertheless, even if this crawlies are common, you can effectively eliminate them with the help of professional pest control services in Chennai.

These days you can book professional pest control very conveniently with a few clicks on your phone. They will come prepared with all the products and equipment at the time you decided. They will ask you about the situation and if you have any information or concern, you can share those with them. Whether you are facing any difficulty while disinfecting your garden area or maybe your backyard. They will then inspect your place that including checking the gutter, pipes, crawlspaces, garage, and all those areas where pests dwell. Then they will create a solution plan to effectively exterminate the required pest. While they will do all the work, you also need to do a few things before the treatment begins:

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Protect Your Pets

Before the treatment takes place, make sure the pets you have, open or caged, should be out of harm’s way. If you have cats or dogs, relocate them for the day or at least for a couple of hours when the treatment will take place. If you have neighbours, family members, or friends, who can look after your pet, hand them over. Curious pets can come across the chemicals and lick them.

The general pest control services in Chennai treatments can also put an emotional scar on the pets. The exterminators generally wear suits along with PPE kits and enter with heavy equipment. Seeing them like this puts the pets in a lot of anxiety, worry, and stress, especially dogs. Also, clear out pet beds, their bowls, and their toys, so that they are prevented from pesticides.

Cover the Open Items

Before the treatment begins, you need to cover or pack all the open items. Any objects you leave out in the open can get pesticides on them, which can be harmful when came in contact.  Throw as many items as you can into your closets and wardrobes or wrap them in plastic to keep away from the chemicals.

In the bathrooms, lock away the toothbrushes, makeup items, and basically everything. In the kitchen, remove any food from the countertops and tables. Cover the silverware, utensils, plates, glasses, etc., and store the loose food in the pantry or refrigerator.

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Free the Space

Your exterminators will need to move freely around the house with minimum barriers. Try to move as much furniture and things as you can to make the exterminator’s job easier. All the furniture should be at least 3 – 4 feet away from the walls and windows. This will give the exterminators more space to properly inspect the infestation.

If you are having a bed bug treatment, you need to focus particularly on the bedroom. Remove the bedding, upholstery, and personal belongings from all the bedrooms. Do not replace the bedding for at least 3 – 4 hours after the treatment is over.

Scrub the Floors

For more effective pest exterminators, you can mop the hardwood floors and vacuum the carpets, to remove any visible pests and their eggs. Mopping will increase the long-term effectiveness of the treatment and vacuuming will focus on the cracks and crevices. Also, don’t forget to wipe down the surfaces you vacuumed and discard the vacuum bags in the dustbin.

Make Your Neighbours Aware

If you live in an area where you don’t have any immediate neighbours, then you are fine. If you live where there are close neighbours, notice them about your pest control treatment tips. There are a few reasons you should. Some of your neighbours might be allergic to or get harmed by pesticides, especially children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with asthma or allergies, etc.

It is best to let your neighbours know about the treatment to be on the safe side. To enjoy a healthy livelihood, always prefer a pest control treatment. Even if they have such allergies, they could take proper precautionary measures to avoid any. Also, chances are that they also have the same pest infestation you have, if you live very closely. So, while you get the treatment, they could also get an inspection and then treatments.

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