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5 Methods you can apply for Pest-Free Garden

Gardening is a hobby and passion for many people. Some turn to the gardener for organic produce and some for therapeutic reasons. One can choose between any type of garden, vegetable garden, fruit garden, flower garden, etc., but the common problem every gardener faces is the havoc of garden pests. These pests are responsible for making a beautiful garden into a war zone. The best way to eradicate pests from your garden is to hire professional pest control services in Bangalore.

Garden pests are very common, some are even helpful in benefiting the growth of plants, but some pests are just there to destroy everything. There are also some garden pests that need to be treated well before they harm your garden's beauty. When the number of dangerous pests increases, then it becomes a problem. While most people’s go-to solution is to spray pesticides, we are not 100% sure that all pesticides are entirely safe. The good news is, that preventing your garden from pests is very easy if you follow these strategies:

Use Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are bad, some are good guys too. Insects like ladybugs, parasitic wasps, lacewings, minute pirate bugs, and many others, feed on those dangerous pests that damage your garden. They either directly eat them or house them to feed on their developing younglings.

To attract these good bugs and make them a permanent member of your garden, you need to provide them with carbohydrate-rich nectar along with protein-rich pests. You need to plant flowers and crops that are high in nectar such as lettuce, sunflower, cone plants, etc.

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Water the Plants in the Morning

This is a more simple and easy task than others. You just have to water all the plants in your garden in the morning. Doing this will have two advantages. One is, that the plants will be fully hydrated during the hottest part of the day and be less stressed. This will prevent those pests who like to prey on stressed decaying plants.

The second is, that the leaves of the plants will be dried before the evening. Pests like slugs, snails, etc. like damp plants with densely populated. So, this technique may prevent such pests to attack.

You can water deeply once or twice a week for some plants that have a shallower root system. In case of rain, you can wait until the garden is fully dried to start watering them.

Don’t Overcrowd the Garden

One of the rookie mistakes new gardeners make is to squeeze as many plants as they can into the available space. This may give you temporary satisfaction with the quantity but will create trouble in the long run. It is very important that your garden gets air circulation on a regular basis from the good breeze.

If your plants are tightly packed, it allows the pests to find shelter from the heat and cover from other predators. They can easily make families that will lead to larger infestations. If you wish to have a densely packed garden, you will need to monitor the pests more frequently. Professionals from general pest control services in Bangalore also advise the same. And if pest control treatment is the only left-out option then you need to take care of a few things regarding the pest control services before hiring.

Attract External Predators

Make your garden welcoming to certain animals than feed on pests and insects. Frogs and toads are the top animals for this job. All it takes is a simple bowl of water for them to attract. Normally they just carve out in the soil and wait for their prey, but a frog/toad house will be more inviting.

Birds are also one of the good predators that eat insects. Though they eat fruits, they much on protein-rich insects. You do not have to do much to invite birds, they are already present. If you want more bird traffic, do the same as toads. Keep a bowl of water at a height and if possible, make a birdhouse.

Harvest on Time

Generally, being a little late for your harvest has no problems, but if fruits and vegetables are falling to the ground from the branch, it can create a problem. Any produce falling on the ground is an easy target for pests. Any overripe fruit or vegetable clinging to a plant makes the plant decline and pests like to attack the weaker plants first.

If you have any fruit or vegetable that has fallen into the ground, be sure to clean it up. If you see any product has been overgrown or past its ripeness, pick them up immediately and provide them with extra water, so that they get some time to regain.

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