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Facial & Clean-up in mumbai

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Herbal Facial
  • Complete skin tightening
  • Complete neck and face bleach
  • Contact less threading of eye brows and upper lips
  • Complete detoxification for a glowing skin
  • Use face scrub for instant glow
Aryan Veda Wine Facial (Sensitive skin)
  • Add

INR 1307 INR 654

Aryan Veda Herabl Fruit Facial
  • Add

INR 1045 INR 523

Aryan Veda Goldshine Facial
  • Add

INR 1136 INR 568

Joves 24Carat Gold Facial
  • Add

INR 1440 INR 720

Joves Bridal Glow Facial
  • Add

INR 1630 INR 815

Joves Skin Rejunavation Facial
  • Add

INR 1252 INR 626

Aroma Magic Glow Facial
  • Add

INR 1803 INR 902

Aroma Magic Pearl Facial
  • Add

INR 2031 INR 1016

Aroam Magic Gold Silver Facial
  • Add

INR 2145 INR 1073

Shehenaj Hussain Herbal Facial
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INR 3161 INR 1581

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TechSquadTeam understands the importance of good looks and having a great skin. Being the entire exterior of your body, your skin is the first line of defence for your body against all elements and infection. It becomes as much significant to take proper care of your skin as remaining healthy and active. We also recognize the value of using best quality products on your skin for the ultimate maintenance of your skin so that it can look young and gorgeous every time you use our services.

Our expert beauticians are assigned to specialize the services according to your specifications and preferences and also after analyzing your skin type. Our skin care services in Mumbai reaches your doorstep after you have booked our services over the phone or online and we make sure you get a stress-free, laid-back and hassle-free service from us. We have all kinds of skin care from de-tanning to facials to bleaching where we ensure using only natural and organic products that are beneficial and repair your skin.

TechSquadTeam does not outsource for any services. Our very own skilled and well-trained beauticians do the skin care service for you to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Skin Care Services in Mumbai Includes:

De-tan Service

  • Use of organic and natural cleansers
  • Exfoliation of skin by intensive message 
  • Healthy scrubbing and motion
  • Black head and white head removal
  • Application of O3+ de-tan cream
  • Toning your skin with gel or serum
  • Use of sunscreen with SPF
  • Moistening your skin before finishing

Facial and clean-up Service

  • Single usage facial kits
  • Thorough cleansing of your face 
  • Opening facial pores by steaming or other natural ways
  • Scrubbing the face for exfoliation
  • Use of nonchemical face packs
  • Toning the skin
  • Proper moisturization of the face

Bleaching Service

  • Oxygenated bleach for fairer skin
  • No harmful side effect to the skin
  • Minimal chance of skin irritation
  • Application of non-toxic bleach
  • Moistening your skin before finishing

Why Book Our Skin Care Services in Mumbai?

  • Well-trained and skilled beauticians
  • Customized solutions
  • Affordable prices for all
  • No extra service charges
  • In time services according to your timing and place
  • Assurance of relaxation
  • Organic and natural beauty products

What is not included in Our Skin Care Services in Mumbai?

  • No guarantee on the side effects of bleaching pack. Some people might face unease or irritation after a long time or might lead to skin rashes or allergies.
  • Our team should not be asked to provide other services except for the specified service that they have been booked for.

Service Time – 1 To 2 Hours (Depending on the requirement of the customer)

No. of Staff Sent – 1 To 2 Beautician (Depending on the number of people availing the service)

Equipment Used – Gloves, Sanitizers, Brush, Scissors, Tweezers, Antiseptic Cream, Gels, Serums, Sunscreen lotions, Moisturising lotions, Face packs, Cotton or Polyester Thread, Skin Brightening Masks, Cotton, Disposable towels, Disposable napkins, Disposable facial bands   

Things to Remember:

  • Stool, electrical connection, and water should be provided by the customer.
  • No extra tips for our beauticians apart from the finalized pricing.

The minimum service charge for booking any spa, facial and de-tan treatment at home is Rs 1000.

Call us at 080-4653-5800 and hire our professionals for your skin care requirements in Mumbai at the ease of home!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Is facial and clean-up same?
    Facial and clean-up are somehow similar. The only difference is the steps followed to accomplish the same. In a clean-up, cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, removal of blackheads and face pack application are included. At the same time, massage is added separately to the facial.
  • Is clean-up necessary for face?
    Whether you are a homemaker or a working professional, it does not matter at all. All that matters is a regular clean-up to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Because a clean-up is the only thing that can your skin from sunlight and unwanted clouds of dust. So once in a week, you must go for clean-up.
  • What is the price of face clean-up?
    The price of a clean-up completely depends on your skin texture such as whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or normal skin. Which clean-up is going to suit you, based on that you can get the price rate for the same.
  • How can I glow my face naturally?
    For naturally glowing skin, there are various home remedies such as : • Moisturizer • Aloe Vera gel • Cleaner • Healthy diet • Complete sleep • Stay hydrated • Sunscreen
  • How many days it takes to glow after facial?
    It takes 3 complete days to make your skin glow after a facial.
  • Which is better cleansing or facial?
    Undoubtedly, a facial is better than cleansing. As massage is included in a facial, an extra added advantage of skin texture improvisation and blood circulation is there.
  • How many times do facial in a month?
    You can easily go for a facial every after three to four weeks or once in a month.
  • Is monthly facial good for skin?
    Yes, a monthly facial is good for the skin. Because it gives a refreshing and natural glow to your skin when done regularly and consistently.
  • What is the disadvantage of facial?
    The disadvantage of facial is the red patches come when it does not suit your skin type. So always take suggestions from a well-known expert who could make your skin glow naturally without hampering it.
  • Does facial massage cause sagging skin?
    Not really! Because the facial massage is being done in the upward and downward motion. However, for proper blood circulation, it is done. So do not fear having sagging skin.
  • Is facial necessary?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Because if you have ample time, then without moving out you can easily opt for at-home facial treatment in natural ways. But if you are running out of time, then you can rely on spa and salon for being treated well with facial.
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