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CCTV Camera Installation in mumbai

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Organization Installation for CCTV
Organization Installation for CCTV
  • Installation of CCTV at apartments
  • Installation of CCTV at hotels
  • Installation of CCTV at factories
  • Installation of CCTV at malls
  • Installation of CCTV at offices and shops
  • Installation of CCTV at homes and organizations
1 to 2 Camera
  • Add

INR 5000

3 to 4 Camera
  • Add

INR 8000

5 to 8 Camera
  • Add

INR 12000

9 to 12 Camera
  • Add

INR 15000

More than 12 (Free Inspection)
  • Add

*Upon Inspection

Others (Inspection Charges)
  • Add

INR 95

  • Description

Doorstep CCTV Camera Installation Services in Mumbai

In today’s time CCTV is the watchdog of every road, commercial building, household, separate office. For easy installation service TechsquadTeam is always available. Just by a phone call or by booking in our app. Our team of technicians is highly professional and can give the service in a day.

Types of Service:

  • Apartments-installation for CCTV
  • Factory or mall-installation for CCTV
  • House installation for CCTV
  • Office installation for CCTV
  • Organization installation for CCTV


  • For 1-2 camera
  • For 3-4 camera
  • For 5-8 camera
  • For 9-12 camera
  • More than 12 cameras
  • Others

Our Installation Service Includes:

  • 6000 INR will be taken as service charge for 1-2 camera, 8000 INR for 3-4, 12000 INR for 5- 8, 15000 INR for 9-12, more than 12 camera installation an inspection will be required for final pricing. The detailed price can be given once visit to the site and inspecting the item.
  • Trained and professionally certified technicians
  • All the staffs are background verified and authenticate
  • For varieties like 1 MP or 1.3, 2 MP the price will vary
  • Please put the exact Number of Camera(s) required and back-up duration;
  • FREE support till 1 year
  • Backup for 7 days tentative Cost would be 3000 
  • Backup for 15 days tentative Cost would be 4000
  • Backup for 30 days tentative Cost would be 5000
  • Above backup is for up to 4 Camera
  • Surveillance system for larger areas proper inspection is required like the quality of lens, camera with focus ability or requirement of analog cameras will be decided as per the report 
  • For any other work apart from specified work inspection is required, and price as per the report will be fixed
  • As per the specified date and time it will be done, for any changes in it also a request can be generated so that technicians can attend you at your comfortable time

Terms and conditions:

  • The Prices of Cameras mentions are all inclusive ( Including Taxes and Installation Charges)
  • All Price listed are approximate but actuals will be given after visiting the site. 
  • Cost of Camera may vary in accordance with 
  • Brand of the camera 
  • Additional Service Opted by the Customer
  • Number of wire bundle required
  • For other services, price is ZERO because price can be decided after inspection
  • Service tax will be applicable as per GST.

Call us today at 080-4653-5800 to book for installation of CCTV to ensure the security of your premises. We give you guarantee that by using our service you can be assured of the best quality of work from the team of professional technicians, and with just a phone call your work can be finished.

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