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What is the best paint color for selling a house?

What is the best paint color for selling a house?

By TechSquadTeam .     February 27, 2019

Do you want to sell your house? Does the resale value of your house is not up to your expectation? Then, paint it. Painting your home interior is the most effective way to boost the sale value of your house. This is the most important part of a house which the homeowners mostly overlook. But, the interior and exterior paint of the house reflect your style and personality.

But when it’s time to rent the house, you might want to change the color of the walls before you put it for sale. After all, some prospective buyers may not like the shade of the walls which you have painted. The potential buyers may want fresh paint on your walls which will also look more inviting and newer to them. It also reduces the negotiating stress which looks to every wear and tear in the house. The professional wall painting in Bangalore provider has a depth knowledge on all this matter. They have long experience in dealing with this buying and selling of properties, and they must know which colors most buyers prefer after buying the property.

So, before you put your home for listing purpose, first give a glance to the current paint on the walls.  If you want to keep the walls paint bright, then you may lose potential buyers which drives the price of the house down. But if you are covering up the bright colors with neutral colors or simply giving 1 or 2 coats to the neutral coated paint, then it may be the best bet while selling the house.

Neutral colors can be very impressive for the home buyers who won’t have to paint on the bright colors as soon as they move in. However, here are few ideas to transform your space and attract the prospective buyers.

Greige (Gray & Beige)

The combination of gray and beige is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, entryways, foyers & bathrooms, and kitchen. Greige color is the preferable after-paint color for most of the homebuyers. It gives ultimate warmth that you can’t get with the beige or gray alone. The color goes with everything. Thus, the most home buyers don’t repaint the walls as the color can contrast with the color of their furniture and wall decor.

Light Gray

This color is best suited in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, hallways, and foyers. Dark gray looks trendy in living areas, but this color is not the best to increase your home’s resale value. If you want to change the look of the walls for potential buyers, then a lighter gray can bring perfect balance and create a delightful attraction in the mind of buyers. The light gray color complements with most furniture colors, and it also gives a bold look to the living room or bedroom.

Muted Yellow

The permanent owner of the house often chose white as the best color for the kitchen. But the color may come off as too distinct for all buyers. So, softened yellow is the best option for any variety of kitchen. This soft yellow color can lend a cheerful, gorgeous effect to the kitchen. Creamy or off-white color is preferred as neutral and will attract the prospective customers.

If you have decided to list your home in the offline and online marketplace to sell it, then you should think the most cost-effective solution to interior painting would be to do it yourself. But hiring professional painting services in bangalore are the best idea to give the walls your dream touch. Professional painter are expert in painting any kind of wall paints on the different kinds of walls to ensure your home is painted like never before.

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