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Top Trending Colours of 2019 for your Interior Wall

Colours and lighting add flavour to your eyes and set the mood according to your requirement. Colours on your wall can change your mood altogether and reduce your stress. Your walls can also reflect the kind of person that you are by the choice of your colour. Also with the correct combination of colours you can create a positive and vibrant workspace or living area. But you might be worried about the budget for painting your walls? Well, every room is subject to unique colour combinations to suit the type of environment you are looking for.

For example, if you want your bedroom to have a relaxing and peaceful aura, you should go for gentle and soothing colours. If you want your drawing to look gorgeous and give out a feeling of vibration and vigour then you should choose some bold and vivacious colour combinations that will make the place more energetic.

Choosing the colours can also be tough for a few people because it takes careful attention and creativity to get the perfect combinations for your special abode. If you are a resident of Bangalore and are having a problem choosing the combinations you can always call on professional home painting services in Bangalore to get the best advice and recommendation before painting your space. Based on the trending colours of today you can also pick out your favourite and paint your room with them. Here is a list of colours that are making it to the top ranks in interior design for 2019.

Neutral Grey

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Neutral Grey or matte grey is one of the trends for most people. People are keeping it simple at home or office. This colour is dull and lustreless, however, it gives a nice dim look that makes a great background and makes your highlights and furniture more sheen and glossy. Try to make a bold colour mixture with greys such as forest green, beige, navy blue, electric blue, gold, lime, orange, blush and many more. These colour blends can be a great choice for your bedroom walls or a cosy corner where you like to relax and have happy thoughts.

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Misty Blue

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How about a soothing effect in your bedroom, office chamber or study room? We all want to get some peace at work or after work. This soothing colour goes quite well with grey, coral, salmon, greens and lavender colours. This colour normally suggests fresh mornings that transmit trust, order and loyalty. But the correct coat makes it unique and bold and for that, you need to hire professional painters in Bangalore for the best output.

Pretty Purple

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Purple is a bold colour and not many people experiment with this colour as they think it might not look good on the wall. However, this is, in fact, a trending colour. More and more people are trying this colour on their walls for the perfect shade. You can try purple in various shades like magenta, lilac, eggplant, plum etc. Some of the best colour combinations with this colour can be brown with plum for a traditional and familiar look to your drawing room or welcoming place at your office, stony grey and purple for an earthy and sophisticated look for your bathrooms or some intimate place that you like, and pale green with purple makes an organic and spontaneous vibe.

Forest Green

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Green is the colour of nature and you can’t top this colour. A matte green might be just the colour to make you feel welcome, fresh and energetic all at the same time. Various shades of green might just be the one waiting to happen to your home or office. Emerald green with navy blue gives a royal yet sombre look to your place. It also breathes life into the place. Another great combination can be light orange with olive green which is perfect for a spacious room and when you let the light and wind into the room the colours just make the perfect sense. You can just experiment with thousands of other combinations. All you have to do is hire painters in Bangalore that are certified, experienced and skilled enough to suggest to you the best colour blends.

If your home or office needs a fresh new look, don’t waste your precious time wondering what to do. Grab your phone and call on 07795001555 or visit our website and get the best Interior painting services in Bangalore. We provide you with the colours from top brands or you can buy your colour and let us take care of everything else. You can also get in touch with us for some advice and our professional painters can reach your place, inspect and provide you with the best colour combination suggestions.       

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