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Keeping the flies out this summer

Keeping the flies out this summer

By TechSquadTeam .     September 13, 2019

The hot sticky winds of summer bring to us the heat of the sun and various other pest problems. After the winter, most of the insects that are pests for us start to copulate and multiply at a fast rate. This is also true for all kinds of flies. Flies start creating generations of their offsprings to add to our miseries. Many species of flies like house flies, cluster flies, blowflies, fruit flies, etc. start to buzz around our houses or parks or offices and they easily get inside from cracks and gaps in the walls or just the open window or door. Summers are incredibly hot in Southern Indian and for people already the residents of Bangalore, every year summer can last for more than five to six months and opening doors and windows in the evening can introduce some fresh air into the house along with house flies.

Flies are mostly outdoor insects and like to ravage the trash cans and garbage cans outside but they can sneak inside your kitchen in search of food. Once one fly gets inside the others follow the lead and in a short time, flies can swarm into your house in large numbers. Particularly, if proper preventives are not taken such as covering all food items, emptying your trash and keeping your house clean and uncluttered. Its common knowledge that flies can bring in various diseases just by sitting on your food and contaminating it. You can take preventions and maintenance tips for keeping yourself away from the health hazards by calling upon professional pest control services in Bangalore like TechSquadTeam.  

You can always rely on pest control services but it’s a fact that they come to your help only after you already have an infestation. You have various options when you are hiring a pest control service in Bangalore like you can always opt for Herbal Pest Control over Chemical Pest Control but again all this can come into effect only after you have a fly infestation. We all know all during summers, flies can grow quite incommodious. But just because they are very difficult to get rid of without professional help, does not imply that you have to tolerate them. Let’s discuss a few routine ways in which you can avoid the flies altogether.

  • Prevent Access to food inside the house – Flies are most interested in food for their own survival. Even though they can’t consume solid food but they can surely liquefy the solid food with the help of their saliva and suck on it. Now, flies are basically attracted to certain food like overripe fruits, rotting meat, spoiled milk, soda, syrup, sugar, and fermented & pungent food. If garbage cans are not disposed of in time they can feed in the trash cans and pick up the bacteria and viruses from the contaminated food and spread it on our eatable items, thus, spreading diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, Conjunctivitis, etc.
  • Controlling the moisture content inside – In humid areas like Bangalore, you might notice that there are more flies. That’s because flies flourish in humid and more moisture locations. Now, if your home has more moisture than the outside environment, then it is a possibility that flies might be a regular guest at your house. They need moisture to eat, breed and hydrate. So, in case you have any plumbing leakages or dripping faucets, call professional plumbing services. Any rooting fruit or vegetable, leftover drinks, and garbage should be thrown out of the house. Install air conditioners or dehumidifiers to prevent humidity inside the house.
  • Removal of breeding sites and outside cleaning – Flies reproduce at a very fast rate and can also grow at an unprecedented rate within days. They have a very short life span; hence they reproduce faster and in huge numbers. Rotting food, garbage, soluble food source, recycle bins, low spots, ditches, gutters, buckets or pavement cracks filled with water can be the best breeding spots for these annoying creatures. So, sanitize your surroundings and areas near your house for the flies to not get in inside.

If you are unable to provide the required attention to these preventive areas, then you still have a way out to avoid the flies from invading your home. Just call on 080-4653-5800 or visit for booking an appointment with us for the best pest control services Bangalore.

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