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How to Install New Plumbing for a New Home

How to Install New Plumbing for a New Home

By TechSquadTeam .     July 19, 2019

The plumbing system is of utmost importance to the people of urban areas. However, many of the parts of rural India still treat plumbing installation as a myth. People living in cities understand the significance of a well-functioning plumbing system is turning on a faucet and getting clean, freshwater and jumping into a hot shower anytime provides them with such sense of freedom. But by and by most people are upgrading themselves into getting proper plumbing in rural areas as well. More and more people are seen being concerned about getting good plumbing services to take care of the brand new installation in new homes.

‘Water in and water out’ is the simple concept on which the plumbing system works. Normally, people like to hire a certified plumber or professional plumbing services or people who work under the close supervision of a licensed plumber. TechSquadTeam is one such expert plumbing service in Bangalore where you can always get maximum customer satisfaction and quality service. There are mainly three components of a plumbing system in a new house such as the water supply, the drainage system, and the appliance set. Here is a detailed explanation of what to do while installing a plumbing system in a brand new house: 

  1. When to install what – Apart from sewer connections which are prepared when the foundation of a building or home is done, the rest of the plumbing installation takes place at a later time. When you are preparing to do your wiring that is the time when the rough-in plumbing phase is also carried out. Main drains in floors, fittings for sinks, tubs and toilets, water supply pipes and toilet flanges are all installed during this time. This is the right time to look for reliable plumbing service or plumbing handyman in Bangalore who can help you out in the whole process.
  2. Plumbing Fixtures – In case you are modernizing your bathroom and looking for installing tubs and shower units, then it needs to be done before framing the walls. Sinks and commodes can be set up last after the wall and flooring is done.
  3. Water Supply – Normally the water supply either comes directly for the municipality line or first the municipality water is stored in a common tanker and shared by different houses in the colony or society you live in. now, you have to get a pipeline connected from there to your reserve tanker and then into the whole house.
  4. Drainage Pipes – Typically a main soil-vent stack runs from beneath the ground floor to the roofline. Waste drain connects to the stack and drives the waste downwards to the main sewer that ultimately connecting to the municipal sewer system or personal septic tank.
  5. Vent Pipes – Every drain pipe requires ventilation because, without a constant source of air, water locks can form in drain pipes causing clogs. Vent pipes usually connect to vent and soil stacks.
  6. Traps – A U-shaped drain pipe that connects to the bottom of the sink, shower or tub drain and is used for maintaining a small amount of water that averts smelly sewer gasses from backing up into the house.

Now, that you have a clear picture of how things undergo all you need to do is hire a professional to take care of all this for you in a hassle-free and proficient way. Call TechSquadTeam on 080-46535800 to get all the installations and repairs of your plumbing system at an affordable pricing.     

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