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How To Get Rid Of Mice In An Apartment

How To Get Rid Of Mice In An Apartment

By TechSquadTeam .     April 03, 2019

How do you feel when you see a small mouse suddenly scampers across your path inside your house? The scene will obviously make you afraid and shriek louder than ever. You must have heard the faint sound of some creature’s tiny feet scurrying across your floor. And, that sound belongs to a mouse’s little feet. These tiny intruders get an easy entry to your house makes your life complicated. They are hard to spot as they rarely leave any physical sign behind as evidence.

Some people don’t feel bothersome by mice or rodents. And, some people consider them as cute animals and keep them as their pets. But mice can make your life worse if not treated within time. They can contaminate your food and food preparation surfaces like kitchen counters, cupboards, gas stoves, etc. If you live in a multi-story building, then it might be a common issue for you. In Malleswaram and Indira Nagar residential area, it might be very tough to fight with the mice infestation.

It becomes very easy for them to transfer from one house to another in an apartment. However, hearing the squeaky sound of the mouse can lead to something much more than an infestation. Moreover, nobody loves to live with dangerous pests. Mice can be troublesome for some property owners as they will have to eliminate these pests and minimize the usage of chemicals. Thus, the faster the property owner understands the problems related to mice, the lesser they will have to deal with these issues in future.

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Identify the pest’s problems

When you find mice roaming around your house and store room, they will definitely leave some proof behind. The matter should be taken so lightly that you have to face mice infestation in your near future. Here are some signs to look out.

  • Noise- Mice makes scratching sounds with their feet and squeaking sounds with their mouth. They are mostly found active during the night. So, while you go to take a good sleep, you may hear those scorching and squeaking sounds through the walls or running across the floor.
  • Droppings – Dropping of the mouse is the most prominent sign of their existence. Mouse droppings look like pellets and are about a paper clip size.
  • Foul smell – Do you smell the foul odor from your terrace or storeroom? Well, its mouse urine and it will smell pungent where the mice gather most.
  • Holes in food bags – Mice are chewers and make holes in bags, cartons of food.

Tell your property manager

If you are living in a rented house, then ask your property manager to control mice infestation by hiring professional rodent control service. In Bangalore, Reliable rodent control experts are largely available to take care of your mice infestation problems.

Pinpoint their entry points

Mouse can enter your house through a small opening. You may not be aware of the holes, but these can work as their entry points. And if you think you live on a higher floor, that doesn’t mean you are completely free from these pesky creatures. Once you have identified their entry points such as AC/ heating system, poorly sealed windows and doors, and gaps, in the sidings, call maintenance expert in Bangalore to do some necessary repairs.

Try a trap

Besides calling professional pest control services in Bangalore, one of the best ways to catch pesky rodents is to use an old-fashioned mousetrap. Even, a classic wood snap trap may work well. To bait the food, you can use mice’s favorite food like cheese, peanuts, chocolate, bacon, dried fruits, oatmeal, etc. Once, you set any one of these foods, tie the trigger to the bait to keep mice in your apartment from getting away with the goodies. You can also use a glue trap. These traps do not need any bait and place the trap in a known area of mouse activity. In this method, the traps don’t kill the mice.

If you have recently seen a rodent in your house or apartment, then don’t take it lightly and your ignorance can make matters worse. So, call TechSquadTeam. Our  professional rodent control in Bangalore will eliminate them and execute innovative solutions to help prevent them from coming back.

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