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Some Common Signs Of Rodents Infestation

Are you facing any problems related to mice or rats in your house? Many people do not find it severe to enlist the rodent infestation in their winter woes. But, rodents or mice-related issues should be added to their house checklist. If you think that your previous pest control treatment has vanished all the rodents, then it’s not true. Because without taking some effective ways to protect your house from rodents, you can completely sit back silently letting them destroy. How can we be so sure? It is essential to be very much aware of the signs of a rodent’s infestation. TechSquadTeam has put together the below-mentioned list to find out whether your house is infested with rodents or not.

Signs that make sure rodents are still there in your home


If you find mice or rat droppings around your house, then it is clear that the previous pest control treatment couldn’t eliminate all the rodents. These pellets measure approx. 1/8-1/4” (3-6 mm) long and are mostly found in food storage areas such as kitchen cabinets or pantries. You can also find droppings under sinks, bookshelves, inside chewed cardboard boxes, on the top of wall beams, or along baseboards.

Though it looks very little, these feces work as carriers of harmful bacteria which lead to serious health concerns such as trigger allergies, salmonella, and Hantavirus. One mouse can produce more than 50 droppings a day. It means the only way to safeguard your family from allergies and dangerous diseases is to remove the droppings promptly using protective gloves.

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Mice Nests:-

Rodents like to stay in dark, isolated places where they won’t be disturbed. Especially house mice like to construct their nests using shredded papers, packing materials like cartons, boxes, wall insulation and fabrics, cotton, etc. If you find any of the above items scattered around your house, then it is a perfect time to hire professional pest control services in Bangalore.

Gnaw Marks:-

Rodents are the worst destroyers of your property. They can cause severe damage to your property by chewing almost any type of material, even plastic, and lead pipes. The rodents chew your property in search of food and water. House mice chew to gnaw on wires behind walls, which increases the chances of a fire in your home. Thus, it is relevant to keep an eye on the gnaw marks around your property.

Strange Noises:-

Have you ever heard that strange sound produced by mice or rodents in the mid of the night? Hearing those strange noises behind walls is a matter of concern. Chances are these sounds may come from the attics or between the walls. Because rodents prefer to build their nests in attics, which are mostly overlooked by the homeowners while conducting pest control treatment. So, always make sure to keep this area dry and well ventilated and store any heirlooms in sealed plastic bags rather than cardboard boxes.

Musky Odors:-

A musky odor comes out whenever the rodent infestation is high on rising. As long as the infestation worsens, the odor tends to grow simultaneously. So make sure you keep an eye for the same before it creates a muddle all over your house. 

Odd Pet Behavior:-

Pets are quite familiar with rodent-infested areas. They used to start scratching the areas that is infected with the pests. However, it’s a piece of great information for your provider who is going to treat those infested areas. 

If you find out any of the above signs of rodent infestation, don’t take it so easily. Because it can turn your house into a big messy place. As mice breed rapidly, they can spread their population as well as more than 35 diseases in your house. The best idea to do in the event of an infestation is to contact reliable pest control services in Bangalore to inspect the infested areas and execute a proper course of treatment.

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