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Essential ways to reduce summer allergens from your home

Essential ways to reduce summer allergens from your home

By TechSquadTeam .     March 19, 2019

During the summer, it becomes really difficult to do any outdoor activities. Most people prefer to stay indoors and keep the doors and windows open to get fresh air. But outdoor winds can bring summer allergens such as dirt, dust, and pollen into your home. These allergens make breathing for the allergy sufferers, a difficult task. Luckily, there are suitable ways to combat with these summer allergens in your home.

How to avoid summer allergens – Avoidance is the only way to combat summer allergens, but how to do that? We know, it really feels good when you keep your windows, doors open during summer and let the summer breeze blow through your house. But during this period of high pollen levels, it is best to keep the windows closed and rely on your air conditioners or air coolers. Replace the HVAC systems of the air filter with a HEPA-approved filter that is designed to remove all kind of allergens from your house.

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Few tips to make your home free of allergens

  1. Frequent House Cleaning – A clean home can reduce the effects of indoor allergens such as dust, dirt, bacteria, and pet dander. Eliminate as much clutter as you can from your house like unused newspapers, stacks of books, papers, magazines which eventually collect dust and become difficult to clean.
  2. Vacuum cleaning - Vacuum all the shelves, curtains, doors, windows once a week. If you have pets in your house, then increase its number of frequency. Or, you can also hire a professional cleaning services in Bangalore at the beginning and end of the summer to inspect and deep clean your house.
  3. Removing mold – Warm, humid weather is the main cause of mold growing in the house. If you have done lots of hard work to remove summer allergens, but still your symptoms do not improve, then it might because of mold. Check your bathroom, basements, and other damp places which are likely to grow mold.
  4. Clean your bed linen every week – Changing bed covers, pillow cases is extremely important for allergic people and also a healthy habit. Beds are the favorite place for the dust mites to spread. Hence, keep your bed linen clean and replace it with a fresh, clean one in order to enjoy a peaceful sleep every night.
  5. Clean the air ducts regularly – When summer comes, you use your air conditioners or air coolers more frequently than other seasons. So, it is essential to clean its air filters and ducts regularly to avoid clogging and ensure free passage of fresh air. Clean filters on a monthly basis and service it in every quarter.
  6. De-clutter your home – The more clutter your house with unwanted things, the more pests and allergens will breed. Always de-clutter your home and create a good hygienic space for a healthy life.
  7. Hire a commercial cleaning company – If you still want to deep clean your home as professionals do, then hire a reliable deep home cleaning services in Bangalore to get your house back in shape. Do you know the air quality of your house can be 500% worse than the air outdoors? If you want to clean every edge and corner of your house, then hiring commercial cleaning company is the best way to maintain a healthy home.


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