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A University Student, Turns his Home into a Successful Minimalist Hotel

In this materialistic world, expenses are getting increasing immensely as people need to maintain lots of things either technological or social. Especially if we consider youth or the students their concerns towards it is as much as anyone. In this race of achievements, they fully depend on their families' income support, or if the circumstances at the side of the family are not good enough their direction changes towards doing illegal kinds of things. Because no matter what condition builds but they have to achieve.

Other than this the ambitious youth how to have a dream to do big and out of the frame. Wanted to spend time in research and development work, skills enhancement, or enrollment in different courses even after graduation or masters or simultaneously. Financial support becomes a barrier to their success. They feel guilty for dependence on their parents even at this age.

Be Self-reliant for Becoming Successful-Revolutionist

It is very important that when a student cross 21 or 22 in the age they should manage small finances for their requirements, by doing small business or freelance or something relevant & legalized. Start leaving the dependency on parents. One should start living on their own and if they are facing any difficulties to cope with household work they can always rely on our services like deep home cleaning, kitchen cleaning services, etc.

At prior pressure from the family for spending financials on things that may be relevant from the student's side but irrelevant from theirs. What happens through that one will have a clear path for going ahead without any glitches. Other than that one can support their family indirectly or it also gives you confidence for going good in life & achieving the vision.

Dots are connecting in Society….

As mentioned earlier multiple students go through such issues, where they have to choose either to continue with their passion or to arrange financials. In this struggle, talents get destroyed.

But some students also in this struggle to balance life between passion and finances. They opt for some small practices with the support and collaborations with the organization. While doing research or study or skill learning simultaneously they manage their expenses too.

Inspiring & Learning Story of University Student

This is the story of a Shivkumara, a design graduate student who belongs to the Bangalore District of State of Karnataka. Shivkumara is passionate about design, his family business is embroidery. So design is in the blood of his family but he opts for a different kind of design practice, an illustration designer. With his Bachelor's, He used to look into a different course of design from different online or offline institutes to enhance his skills. Also, different type of gadgets & software involves in this type of design, which demands funds.

For managing all these things, he needed either he opt funds from his family or to do some job. In both cases, he faces issues if he asks from the family he feels bad for his extra expenses and if he does nine to five jobs his education will get affected.

A Decision Changed His Life and Solve the Problems

He is traveling to the Nainital, a hilly district in the state of Uttarakhand. Where he has stayed in a small house which converted into a Hotel, A old couple runs that. It looked interested to him to start as he had an empty family house of 6-8 rooms in Bangalore. He used to live there only in one room and the rest is not in any use. Once getting back to the Banglore, after discussing it with his friends and family he converted his house into a hotel and listed it on the travel & booking websites.

Problems, which led Venture towards the closures

In the very initial days when bookings started coming, he start facing lots of issues related to the housekeeping of the rooms, cleaning of kitchen, sanitization, pest controls, and mattresses cleanings & such related issues. It requires lots of staff, more than his revenue, and expenditure are generating. He takes him a point of position to the closing of the hotel just after one month of start.

There are already lots of investments and savings is been used in establishing it and bookings are also started coming. But the major problem is to minimize the expenses with no change in the quality of service.

A Collaboration converts closure to capital

He got to know about the services of TechSquadTeam, he already availed it for his regular home cleanings so he had good reviews on the quality of services but did not has an idea about commercial cleaning services. After talking to the team, he availed that service to his house hotel.

TechSquadTeam created a customized budgeted plan as per his requirements. Which cost multiple times less than the expenditure spends on the staff also the services are mechanized with the use of different chemicals and skilled technicians. Services like Deep Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, and Pest Control in Bangalore are involved in that.


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