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3 Types of Pests Found in Residential and Commercial Setting

Pests can be a nightmare for your home or any kind of commercial setting. It is quite frustrating to deal all alone with pest problems in your home, office, or commercial setting. Battling unwanted pests pose unique challenges.  Are you aware of the different types of pests? Before dealing with pest prevention or pest removal, you must be aware with a complete understanding of the different types of pests that are found in a residential or commercial setting.

Here are the common types of pests that are found in homes, offices, or any commercial establishment:

1. Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs spread easily and are hard to detect in the early stages of infestation. It is important to regularly inspect the bedding to check for any signs of bed bugs like rusty or reddish stains on mattresses, small dark spots (bed bug excrement, live bed bugs, or pale yellow eggshells (shed by nymphs as they mature into adult bed bugs). If you find any sign of bed bugs in your residential or commercial place, then make sure to hire the experts to get a reliable bed bug pest control in Bangalore.

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2. Rodents:

Rodents are found wherever there is food. If you want to avoid rodents in your residential or commercial setting, then make sure to store food in tightly sealed containers. Along with this, make sure to keep food service or food preparation zones clean. If you find little gnaw marks, small holes in the floors/walls, or chewed-up electrical wires, then it is time to call a professional rodent control service provider in Bangalore to get rid of the rodents from your property.

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3. Cockroaches:

It is quite difficult to get rid of a cockroach problem. The cockroaches are attracted to moisture, which makes it important to keep things clean and dry. This helps in avoiding these nasty pests in your residential or commercial setting. If your home or commercial place in Bangalore is infested with cockroaches, then call the professionals to deliver cockroach control service to eliminate the rodents from the property.

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