General Pest Control in Bhubaneswar for Ant, Houseflies, Lizards & More
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General Pest Control in Bhubaneswar

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General Pest Control Services in Bhubaneswar

TechSquadTeam offers fast and safe general pest control services throughout Bhubaneswar at a reasonable price. For bungalow and other specific area, TechSquadTeam will do the inspection before the price quote. The inspection/Visitation charge of Rs.100 will be adjusted against the final bill.


Control method:  

  • Gel Baiting - Long lasting & effective gel to control infestation for a longer period

  • Residual Spray - Reduces infestation immediately



  • Harmless treatment with Govt. permitted chemicals

  • Controls house flies, lizards, silverfish, ants and spiders

  • No need to empty kitchen or vacate areas during treatment

  • The minimum time is: 30 mins -2 hours.


**Pest Control treatment is done by our own technicians. We do not contract out through any agents.


Best practice:

  • Keep infested area completely dry

  • Do not use other sprays or pesticide cans

  • For specific infestations, please inform the professional before treatment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What is General Pest Control?
    General pest control helps you get protection from the most common insects and pests that might not be real risk factors but still are bothersome. General pest control provides you complete protection from the pests that already inhabit your house as well as from the pests that might invade in the future. Various companies provide different facilities that are included in general pest control.
  • What does TechSquadTeam’s General Pest Control Service include?
    We like to offer the best out of all our services to our customers. We provide highly effective and long-lasting pest control treatments for your pest problems with our environmentally-friendly and government-approved pesticides. When you go for our General Pest Control Services, we focus on house lizards, house flies, ants, spiders, and sliver fish. If you have any specific problems such as a rodent, bed bug or cockroach infestation you can check out our specified services for them
  • How much does it cost for General Pest Control?
    Different companies have altered prices for the same prices. It’s also a probability that most companies might be offering different facilities along with their general pest control. You need to check the prices along with the services that are actually provided. The prices always vary and there are many reasons affecting the rates charged to the customers. The size of the property, the amount of pesticide used, the number of crew required to complete the task and the method of pest control done, everything is taken into consideration before the final price is disclosed.
  • How much does TechSquadTeam charge for a general pest control?
    TechSquadTeam always keeps in mind what our customers are looking for and we understand that flexibility is very important. So, we keep our prices very flexible and accommodating. The price varies as per the size of your property that needs the treatment.
  • Are there any charges for inspection?
    Yes, there is an inspection charge of Rs150 whenever our technicians come over to your property for the proper estimation of the work to be done. We can also let you know the final pricing of all the services that you need for getting your home or office in shape after proper inspection.
  • Is TechSquadTeam’s general pest control process harmless and safe?
    Safety comes first for us. We only use environmentally-friendly and government-approved pesticides and products for our treatments that are safe for children and pets too. We even advise our exterminators to keep the customers acknowledged about the pesticides that are going to be used for further references.
  • Do I need to empty my kitchen or vacate the space during the pest control treatment?
    There is no need to empty the kitchen or vacate the different areas of your home during the treatment. Our experienced pest exterminators will execute the treatment in a hassle-free way
  • How much time does this service takes?
    Normally between 30 minutes to 2 hours is required to execute the general pest control treatment. The treatment time is also dependent on the size of your property and the level of pest infestation.
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Customer Reviews 4.7

I am very happy with this service ..Great team work

Avinash (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 14-Dec-2019

Good service Keep it up

Gurudeep (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 14-Dec-2019

Nice crew members good job guys keep it up..Thanks

jayenadan (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 14-Dec-2019

Recommend this app for all service..Thanks Techsquadteam for the great service.

Anand Kumar (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 14-Dec-2019

Every time you guys gave me a great service..Thanks

Saketha Mathur (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 14-Dec-2019

Fully satisfied with this service.. Surely get more services from Techsquadteam

Delbin (for Pest Control Services/General Pest Control) on 14-Dec-2019