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Hair Care in bhubaneswar

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Hair Spa
  • Complete hair treatment for a healthy hair
  • Helps to strengthen the hair
  • Complete hair massage with super concentrated active ingredients
  • Highly recommended for brittle hairs
  • Use of natural and organic products for best hair spa
Streax HAIR SPA - Small Length
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INR 1242 INR 621

Streax HAIR SPA - Medium Length
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INR 1419 INR 710

Streax HAIR SPA - Large Length
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INR 1597 INR 799

Matrix - ARGAN Liquid Gold Hair SPA (Small-Medium)
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INR 2131 INR 1066

Matrix - ARGAN Liquid Gold Hair SPA (Large)
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INR 2663 INR 1332

Jovees Hair Spa - Small Length
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INR 1155 INR 578

Jovees Hair Spa - Medium Length
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INR 1330 INR 665

Jovees Hair Spa - Large Length
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INR 1597 INR 799

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Doorstep Hair Stylist and Beautician Services in Bhubaneswar

Gone are those days where you have to step out of your house for hair cutting and styling. With the rise in technology, everything is now home-delivered, even hair care services. In this busy generation, women don’t get much time to visit the salon for hair cutting services. But, now you can avail all those services from the comfort of your home. In a world, where hair products can be delivered directly to your home, why not book professional hairstylists.
TechSquadTeam provides the best services in Hair Care in Bhubaneswar at affordable prices. Our experts provide customized hair cutting and styling services right at your doorstep. Our professional hairstylists are trained to provide you your desired look such as waves, bangs, braids, ponytails, bob-cut, etc. our staff follows all the necessary safety protocols and they make sure you get satisfactory mess-free service.

TechSquadTeam does not outsource for any services. Our very own skilled and well-trained beauticians do the hair care for you to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Hair Stylist and Beautician Services in Bhubaneswar includes:

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair spa
  • Hair coloring  
  • hair straightening
  • Adapts global professional standards to the home environment
  • Use natural product for your hair
  • Fast hair extension service
  • Special hair styling according to client’s need
  • Dry scalp removing technique 
  • Head massage

Our assurance

  • Affordable for all and no extra service charges 
  • In time service according to your suitable time and place
  • Hair stylist with proficient costumer gratification
  • Special hair styling for noteworthy juncture
  • Polite, trustworthy and experienced personals

Benefits of in-house Hair Care Services:


Nothing provides more comfort than being under the roof of your home. You can get your hair cutting or styling done while watching your favourite movie or TV-series. Also, in-house services have a rather soothing and calming effect than being in a salon.

Saves Time:

When you book in-house hair services, you don’t have to waste time travelling all the way to the salon in busy traffic and waiting for your turn. In-house services are more beneficial during the festival and holiday season, where you have to wait days to get an appointment.

Quality Service:

A salon is where many people are waiting for their turn, so your stylist may rush things to accommodate everyone. While in-house services will primarily focus on one person for the appointed time and that is you. This, in return, will get you the best possible service.

The minimum service charge is Rs 1000 for any type of spa & salon, facial and hair style beauty services. Call us at 0700-803-1684 and book your appointment through our website. We will reach at your doorstep within one hour.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • What is a hair care service?
    People are always worried about the hair. For which there are various hair care services such as hair cutting, hair colouring, hair straightening, hair smoothening, hair pumping, hair trimming, hair crimping, hairdressing, hair bleaching, hair curling, and many more to make you look awesome.
  • Which treatment is best for hair?
    As of now, a keratin treatment is best proved for hair. If you are facing hair fall problems or thickening of hair, then you must go for this. With all-natural products, keratin treatment nourishes your hair and reduces the hair fall up to a great extent.
  • Why are hair care products essential for hair?
    The most important product essential for hair is a serum. It not only protects your hair from sun damage but also saves from dryness and dust. However, if you have dry hair then use an intensely hydrating serum and for straight and light hair, use light hydrated hair. For styling purposes, you have to use a shiny serum.
  • Which hair treatment is best for hair growth and thickness?
    Rogaine treatment of hair is best for hair growth and thickness. For hair regrowth, it is the best solution one should adopt.
  • How can I take care of my hair naturally?
    You can take of your hair naturally by following certain procedures, such as: • Wash your hair regularly • Start using chemical-free shampoo • Use conditioner • Instead of using a hairdryer, dry it in a natural way • Oil it before shampoo • Trim your hair regularly
  • What should we apply on hair daily?
    On a regular basis, you must apply shampoo, conditioner, and other in-shower products. Along with that, you need to use a well-hydrated serum to protect your hair from heat damage and dust.
  • How can I moisturize my hair naturally?
    For naturally moisturizing, your hair needs oil massage with hot oils. You have to use good products according to your hair type. Apart from that, you can use gelatine treatment and coconut oil masks for better nourishment.
  • How can I thicken my hair?
    There are various things that help to thicken your hair in a natural way, such as: • Olive Oil • Eggs • Aloe Vera gel • Castor oil • Orange puree • Proper nutrition
  • Can thin hair become thick again?
    To make your hair thick completely depends upon you. Due to hereditary and some hormonal changes, it is somehow difficult to make it happen. But it can be possible up to some extent by using various supplements in your hair care regime.
  • What are the 4 types of hair?
    Four types of hair are curly, straight, wavy, and tight curls.
  • How can I treat my hair at home?
    At home, you should do a hot oil massage on the day before shampoo. Apply various natural products such as coconut masks, gelatine preparation, yogurt, oil mask, and a good hydrating serum.
  • What is the natural remedy for hair breakage?
    The natural remedies for hair breakage are oil massage, yogurt, egg, coconut mask, avocado paste, and natural based hair conditioner.
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Flexi Price for Home service We are here to get you the best price. You name it, we will make the best effort to match
Quality Best certified technician will perform your service which is of highest quality
Convenience We work based on your availability to match your routine life activities hassle-free.
100% Satisfaction Get 100% guaranteed satisfaction and effective results with a low budget and complete privacy.
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