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Home Cleaning in Bhubaneswar

Cleaning home is just a herculean task in every household when everyone is so busy in their life. House maids never do deep cleaning because of which it is really hard to keep the sanitation and hygiene intact of the house.

TechSquadTeam offers home cleaning in Bhubaneswar with group of highly efficient and energetic professionals who cleans your house thoroughly within few hours during your free time.

Our home cleaning services in Bhubaneswar provides many home cleaning services like:
• Apartment cleaning – Areas inside apartment, corridors, staircase cleaning, floors cleaning, building glass cleaning services in Bhubaneswar, etc.
• Commercial cleaning – Commercial building, offices can be cleaned thoroughly, window cleaning in Bhubaneswar.
• Move-in/Move-out cleaning – If any shifting is happening, before and after cleaning can be done from TechSquadTeam.
• General cleaning – It can be done occasionally for making the house ready for any special function or event.
• Full home deep cleaning – Floor scrubbing, every corner cleaning with cup-boards cleaning, Sofa Cleaning in Bhubaneshwar.
• Furniture and furnishing cleaning – Dry vacuum cleaning, wet cleaning, dust cleaning, Chair Cleaning in Bhubaneswar and Carpet Cleaning Services in Bhubaneswar.
• Overhead water tank cleaning – Cleaning of water with scrubbing the inside portion of tank, Tank cleaning in Bhubaneswar.
• Office Cleaning in Bhubaneswar – It includes everything like cleaning of sofa, floor, chairs, dusting, moping, scrubbing of floors, shelfs, and cupboards will be cleaned even.
• Car Cleaning in Bhubaneswar – Car washing and thorough cleaning of inside and outside portions of car.
• Professional carpet cleaning in Bhubaneswar – Dry vacuum cleaning, wet cleaning.
• Party Cleaning Services in Bhubaneswar – Thorough cleaning of house after party or any function.
• Windows and door clean – Glass cleaning, wet and dry cleaning of both inside and outside
• Kitchen Cleaning in Bhubaneswar – Chimney cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, cup-board cleaning, floor scrubbing, and oil cleaning from stove.
• Refrigerator Cleaning in Bhubaneswar – Inside fridge cleaning, maintaining of hygiene.
• Hotel Cleaning in Bhubaneswar – Complete Housekeeping services in Bhubaneswar.

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Customer Reviews 4.6

My mattresses are really clean as like new. Excellent work.Thanks TechSquadTeam

Saurabh (for Cleaning Services/Mattress Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

TechSquadTeam give good cleaning service to me . Thank You Team

Srirang (for Cleaning Services/Carpet Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

High Five To tech Squad. Its a good experience Thanks

Yamuna (for Cleaning Services/Sofa Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Better and Best Service Tech Squad Team

ruturaj (for Cleaning Services/Kitchen Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Best experience in bathroom cleaning service in my office with TechSquadTeam their crew are such a hard working gay. Really awesome service.Thanks

Prashantha HN (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

It was a good experience with tech squad team,

Purnachandra RaoG (for Cleaning Services/Water Tank Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Best app for cleaning service. Really worth it.

Dipak (for Cleaning Services/Sofa Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Good service provider. I am satisfied with the cleaning service.Wonderful experience with TechSquadTeam. thanks.

imran (for Cleaning Services/Mattress Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Deep Cleaning I done from Tech squad team , fully satisfied .

Prosish Golyan (for Cleaning Services/Deep Home Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Team members are cleaned my bathroom like professional. I just love their work and deficiency. Such a great Experience with Techsquadteam

Fiaz (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

Professional people , Good !!!

Chethan (for Cleaning Services/Sofa Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

TechsquadTeam give me a nice cleaning service. The workers are really humble and had working. I loved this service

Shree Mannari (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

I love the service , very nit and clean .

Balasankarreddy.s (for Cleaning Services/Bedroom Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

it is my first experience with TechSquadTeam and i loved their service which provide to me.Great Experience I like it

Tanu (for Cleaning Services/Carpet Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

my house is cleaned and to satisfactions looking for a home cleaning service. Great experience. i like it

Nithya Chandrasekhar (for Cleaning Services/Bathroom Cleaning) on 19-Sep-2019

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