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Working Mother’s Vibrant Home, How Turned Her Child Growth Healthier

Development always comes with Destruction. It happens across the diversity and demographies, depending on what perspective we are considering or analyzing it. Villages are turning into the Towns, Towns are turning into Cities to smart. But conversions also turn the Fresh air into polluted air, Green Paths into concrete forests, playgrounds in multi-story infrastructures, and peaceful lifestyles into pressurized lifestyles. With the comfort, it brings a hard time too for the people. In this, all situation, one whose worry increases and deals with such circumstances, more than anyone across the Globe is a mother. No matter whether the mother is a Housewife or Working, Literate or unlettered, her concerns for her child always be on priority.

In the condition of a working mother, this pressure sometimes doubled, and as far as a conservative society like India is concerned the pressure increases thrice at times. One Ground she is struggling with is the pressure of workload, the second ground is concerns about her child's growth, and last but not least the pressure from the family & relatives. She has to deal with all and still smiles, that’s mother got the rank of God.

Story of a Working Mother and Her Child

This is the unscripted story of a Kavita Sri, a Bangalore-based working mother, and her eight-year-old child. Kavita migrated from the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, a district located in the state of Kerala due to work and career circumstances. For Her and her child, Bangalore is a city with completely diverse climatic and demographic conditions. On one end in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, they are surrounded by Clean Air, Greeneries, and access to Play Grounds, friends, and grandparents, and on another end in the Metropolitan lifestyle of Bangalore, where they have opposite conditions. Polluted – dusty air, chemicalized water, Pests, dense as well busy localities, and long & emotionless infrastructures. 

Such circumstances started reflecting on the Mental and the physical growth of her Eight-year-old Child. As He is in his early age of growth and development, her concerns increase more. The child is not only facing the loneliness of his hometown but also regularly getting ill due to pollution, bacteria, and dust particles. A child's illness becomes a barrier in the mother’s career. Pressure from the paternal side has also begun, Pandemic is also just passed on, but the fear remained as it is targeting children this time. Simantenously this is not happening with the Kavita Sri and her child only, but the issues faced by millions of people on a regular basis who are migrated to the Bangalore from different demographies of the Country. They feel left alone, even though they don’t have the option to leave and go home.

Opinion of a Colleague, Change Her Life.

A Colleague witnessed Kavita for a long time in an office that is quiet and disturbed. In a personal discussion she shows interest to know the problem through which Kavita is going, Colleague is also a mother. In a conversation, Kavita got to know about TechSquadTeam and its services which are quite relevant to the problems she was facing at that time. After having pieces of information, Once Kavita researched more about TechSquad, she experienced some of the service exes. Deep Home Cleaning, Pest Control, and Sanitization of Home. She has noticed the impact of the services, her problems are started getting solved, and the outcome is now her child is not getting frequently ill and is on a good path of speedy growth. It happens due to the cleaned and bacteria-free Home, and fresh atmosphere and now He is also enrolled in a primary school & has a community of friends.

In between Kavita's life and career also get back on the track with less stress, pressure at least on the child's side, and her satisfaction over all this stress has been increasing as her child is in a good way. This is a small story of Kavita Sri. Give a trial to our dedicated services, Deep Clean your Bangalore Home. Like a Kavita, your home too re-collects positive and pure good vibes which led you towards a Healthy sleep and Lifestyle... Visit our official website and book the slot for Deep Cleaning Services, Fumigation-Sanitization, and Pest Control in Bangalore. 

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