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Some Helpful Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Germ-Free

Some Helpful Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Germ-Free

By TechSquadTeam .     June 11, 2019

Generally, people do every good habit to keep the bathroom spotlessly clean. Starting from washing hands after every use of a bathroom, brushing teeth twice daily, switching out the shower liner when you find mold spots creeping over the bathroom floors, etc. But is it actually spotlessly clean? Don’t you think you are overlooking the little things that can unwittingly create a free space for germs and bacteria?

The bathroom is the smallest yet busiest place in every house. The busier it will stay, the dirtier it will become quickly. But the thought of cleaning the bathroom, toilets can be a little overwhelming. If not possible by yourself, you can take the help of professional bathroom cleaning in Bangalore. However, here we have incorporated some quick clean steps to tackle the bathroom cleaning task every day.

Don’t keep a toothbrush too close to the toilet - It is always better to keep the toothbrush at least four feet away from the toilet. The reason most people keep their brush away from the sink is they don’t want to splash their brush with soap and dirty water while washing hands or brushing teeth. An ideal way to keep the bathroom germ-free is to mount a toothbrush holder on your wall to let the toothbrush air out and make sure you close the toilet lid before every flush.

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Don’t use the same towel often – Washing of towel after every three to five use is essential. Because when you hang it to dry in a moist, dry place like a bathroom, your towel is caught with a multitude of bacteria, fungi, urinary and anal secretions, and dead skin cells. It multiplies rapidly when you don’t use it.

Using the same Loofah for Months – Many people like to use Loofah to scrub their body and foot. But According to a survey, Loofah is a cesspool for germs. If you are using a Loofah made from natural Luffa plant, make it a habit to switch it in every three to four weeks or disinfect it with a diluted bleach solution for re-use. If you are using plastic loofahs, replace it every two months.

Wash your hands long enough – For a clean and germ-free hand, you need to wash it at least for seconds. From a kid to an elderly person, everybody knows how to clean their hands. So, it would be better to keep this discussion low.

Walking barefoot on Bathroom Floors – While gyming, or using the public washroom, never forget to cover your feet. A pair of flip-flops can help you to avoid nail fungal infections, athlete’s foot, and staph infections.

Cleaning bathroom with toxic chemicals – Some compounds for cleaning bathroom and other floors are found lethal and can be the cause of illnesses from asthma and allergies to birth defects and even cancer. Chemicals do require cautions. Always ensure non-toxic chemicals or herbal cleaning solutions are used for cleaning purposes. Services rendered by professional bathroom cleaning in Bangalore use harmless products for the safety of your kids and elderly people.

We believe these above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to keep the bathroom germs and bacteria free. Keeping these tips in mind will help you avoid germs and keeps your house clean and hygienic all the time. To book a healthy bathroom cleaning service in Bangalore, contact TechSquadTeam customer care today at 080-46535800 or visit our website

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