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Part -1: An Useful Monthly Deep Home Clean Schedule for 2021

Part -1: An Useful Monthly Deep Home Clean Schedule for 2021

By TechSquadTeam .     April 18, 2019

After a big, tiring day at the office, when you return your house, what would you like to see? Will you prefer a messy, dirty home or cleaned and organized living space? Succeeding one, right? After all, we all love to live in a spotless house. The way we keep ourselves fresh every day, our house and household stuff also need a regular clean. But the problem is how to do it? When to do it? And, how much time do we have to spend on the cleaning work?

An answer to all your confusions is our handy checklist. This handy list breaks up all the toughest tasks by month. Once you understand the techniques and method we have used to split all the cleaning tasks into 12 months, then those tasks won’t seem daunting.

January: Clean Up Your Fridge/Refrigerator

New Year is over. And, all your friends and relatives have visited your house often this month. Now, it’s time to clear out all the leftovers in your fridge and give it a well-sanitized clean. Use a mild soap to wash its shelves, drawers and sterilize the inside of the fridge with vinegar or bleach solution. Allow it to dry completely before putting your food back in.

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February: Contact TechSquadTeam for A Spring Cleaning

Now it’s February; so, the springtime! Hire TechSquadTeam professional deep home cleaning services in bangalore to give your home a complete makeover. TechSquadTeam expert cleaners will clear out all the old dust and allergens Left over from winter season and offer you a new start with romantic spring weather.

March: Wash All Your Bedding

We know bed sheets, bed covers, and pillow cases need more often wash, probably once in every fortnight. But the rest of your bedding such as mattress pad, comforter, pillow, and blankets doesn’t require a frequent wash. Check all the tags and put them in hottest water for a deep clean.

April: Clean Your HVAC Vents

As sun heat is becoming harsher year by year, your HVAC systems need extra care. Remove each vent and vacuum clean the opening. Wash the actual vent covers in warm water with a soft detergent. Use your bathtub for large return vents.

May: Clean All Your Trash Cans

A paper-thin bag doesn’t hold all your smelly, garbage and it makes the bin smelly too early. Remove the bag and spray the inside with an all-purpose cleaner and leave for a couple of minutes. If your bin is too big that your hands can’t reach its surface, then use the kitchen sprayer or even the garden hose spray to remove any hard gunk.

June: Organize Your Storage Areas

Throw out all the useless, broken storage bins and remove those items, which are of no use since the last 10 years. Dust and wipe off shelves using a clean cloth.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned a half year schedule. By the time, you have read, your half headaches must be gone. In our next blog, we will discuss the rest of the months. But still, hiring professional deep cleaning for your home would be an ideal way to keep your house completely, thoroughly clean and sanitized. Contact us today to know how we can fit into your monthly deep home cleaning in bangalore schedule. Don’t forget to give us a call on 080-46535800.

 Wait for our next blog!

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